7 Ingenious Uses for TOPPING E30 DAC by Apos Shoppers

You might have only one or two use-cases in mind when you buy a DAC like the TOPPING E30. But there are tons of others you might not have thought of. Here are some of the cool use-cases Apos shoppers have found for theirs.


1. With Chromecast

"This DAC packs a lot of value for under $200. Clean, quiet and a big improvement in a device's internal DAC. I am using it for a Chromecast Audio, which has a usable DAC for a $25 streamer. However there is a noticeable improvement with the Topping E30."

-Chuck B. 

2. As a triple threat

"I own three of these. One I use with TV/DVD players. one with a desktop computer system, and one with my main audio system. In the latter, I use the E30 in DAC only mode connected to a Placette audio volume control, and an old QUAD 909 power amp. Good enough for me. End game."

-Howard I

3. As a replacement for Windows on-board chipset. 

“Working really well. Sounds a lot more clear than Windows through on board chipset. Can't wait to test it out some more.”

-Nicholas W

4. With Apple Airplay

“Works great - noticably better sound when routing the airplay through the optical line from my Apple Airport express.”

-John L. 

5. With vintage gear

“Sounds great, makes vintage Toshiba receiver and Mach II speakers come to life [...] So good, the price is a joke.”

-Rufus T. 

6. To create more audiophiles (mwahaha)

“The audio quality is so fantastic that I had shared it with other family and they also couldn't believe it. I might have created more audiophiles that night!”

-Aaron M

7. With a TV

“I have the E30 connected to my TV's SPDIF output. I can now get high quality, low noise audio from the TV along with volume control.”

-Charles L