16 Reasons Audiophiles Love the TOPPING E30 DAC

You can check out our reviews compendium, review, or comparison chart for experts' opinions on the TOPPING E30. But what do normal, everyday audiophiles think about it? We've rounded up some top comments from Headfi, Reddit, and our very own website to give you a glimpse into what people are loving about this mighty little DAC.

1. Its build quality

“The build quality is top-notch, I’ve never seen a sub-$200 DAC this well-built, except maybe Schiit products.” 

    -Headfier ClementNerma

2. Its rear panel

“The rear panel assembly is clean and each input socket is seated firmly without any wiggle or movement when plugging in RCA and USB jacks.”

    -Headfier Mshenay

3. Its value

“The value of E30 is the best part about it, the affordability factor and how easy it is to control even a high-end system, from a small and pocket-friendly DAC.”

-Headfier Dobrescu George

4. Its micro-detail retrieval

“Its first song was Bee Gees' "You Win Again". I ALWAYS play this song first during PA system soundchecks, or when I audition new gear or systems in hifi stores. First thing I noticed was the micro-details it extracted from the song. A soft rhythmic ticking that I never knew was there (and I still don't know what it is, all I know is that it follows the tempo and never misses a beat).”

-Redditor u/vintagefancollector

5. Its remote control

“I have the E30. Love love love it. Remote volume control simplifies my signal chain Laptop + E30 + power amp.”

-Parts Express Forum user 50 watt head                       

6. Its size

“The small footprint is also appreciated, given how full my stand is with equipment.”

    -Audio karma forum user cjmustang69

7. Its clean bass

“The bass is clean, deep, but also natural to slightly quick in speed”

    -Headfier Dobrescu George

8. Its separation

“The sound is detailed with great spatial separation.”

    -Apos shopper Kevin D. 

9. Its neutrality

“It’s a wire with gain - neutral, with no noise, at all.” 

    -Apos shopper Michael G. 

10. Its display

“Punches way above its weight, convenient layout, beautiful amber display, and a great implementation of the AKM processor.” 

    -Apos shopper Pedro D. 

11. Its ability to make any headphone shine

“I’ve tried with HD6XX, HD58X, Grado SR80 and HiFiMan 400i, all of them sound great. “

    -Apos shopper Curtis B. 

12. Its zero noise

“What can i say, the DAC performs flawlessly. Absolutely zero noise cranked up on max on high gain using computer USB. Apos also shipped this thing so dang fast. 5 stars.”

    -Apos shopper Zoran S

13. Its detail-retrieval again

“[It has an] amount of detail that I simply never picked up with the Magni/Modi. For example, I love listening to Hans Zimmer and his Pirates of the Caribbean track that he performed live in Prague, I began to hear this shuffling noise the first 5 seconds of the track and thought it might be static noise. So I kept replaying those 5 seconds until I realized, it was someone shuffling to que the rhythm. Like how can I be hearing that right now? It really does provide the tracks with a deep layer of textures that I previously never experienced before.”

    -Apos shopper Henry

14. Its dynamic range

“Easily handles the dynamic range and fast response required of complex classical music (like Bruckner symphonies).”

    -Apos shopper Brian B

15. Its believable portrayal of music

“It is not hyper-analytical nor is it overly resolving, but rather the portrayal of music is believable.”

    -Apos shopper RL

16. And finally, this expression of pure happiness

“I have to admit

It's getting better

Getting better

All the time.

Getting so much better

All the time

(It's getting better

All the time)

Better! Better!

Gettting so much

Better all the time!”

-Redditor phoenix_dogfan