Entire Chord Electronics Product Line Now Available on Apos Audio

Apos Audio is thrilled to announce our new partnership with our friends from across the pond at Chord Electronics. All of Chord Electronics products are now available for sale on Apos, including bestsellers like the Chord Mojo Portable DAC/Amp and the Chord Hugo 2 DAC/Amp. All of these Chord Electronics products, when purchased on Apos, come with our guaranteed promise of an Extended 2-Year Warranty, 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee, and Free Returns.

Chord Electronics began as a concept in the early 1980s when company founder John Franks was working as an electronics engineer specializing in electronics for aircraft. The nature of his work required highly advanced power supplies that were both ultra-reliable and very efficient. Franks’ expertise in power supply design gave him the novel idea to link an amp’s power supply rails to each other with a strong magnetic flux inside of a transformer, now famously known to Chord Electronics fans as “Dynamic Coupling.” It took a few years until Franks left avionics and dedicated himself to the audio world full-time, but either way, we’re super glad he got around to it when he did.

Chord Electronics’ has a long-standing reputation for building audiophile power amplifier products to exacting standards and that makes them an ideal partner for Apos. We are proud to offer their line of products to you.