New from SMSL: RAW-MDA 1 DAC/Amp

Audiophiles and Gamers, Meet Your New Best Friend

Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re serious about audio, you need the SMSL RAW-MDA 1 DAC/Amp. Priced at just $279.99, this DAC/Amp combo is designed to tackle and solve the most frustrating audio challenges you face daily. Ever listened to your favorite album and felt like the instruments were mushed together? Or played a game and missed that crucial enemy step because your sound was muddy? The RAW-MDA 1 changes all that, providing a crystal-clear, detailed soundstage that brings every note, every footstep, and every ambient noise to life.

Jaw-Dropping Clarity and Fidelity

Standard audio setups often flatten complex soundscapes, losing the depth and texture of your favorite tracks and games. The RAW-MDA 1 overcomes this by utilizing advanced dual ES9039Q2M chips. These chips act like a high-definition lens for your ears, converting digital signals into audio with incredible precision. This means no more murky bass or washed-out highs—just pure, unadulterated sound that lets you catch every subtle nuance and tone.

No More Wireless Woes: Bluetooth 5.1

Hate dealing with tangled wires but love high-quality audio? The Bluetooth 5.1 capability of the RAW-MDA 1 means you can enjoy near-lossless audio wirelessly. It supports high-res audio codecs like LDAC, aptX HD, SBC, and AAC, ensuring you get stunning audio clarity without being tethered to your device. Say goodbye to the usual compromises of wireless audio—now you can enjoy your music and games with freedom and fidelity.

Master the Digital Domain: Full MQA Decoding

If you’re into high-resolution audio, you know the frustration of files not sounding as good as they should. The RAW-MDA 1’s full MQA decoding resolves this by fully unfolding MQA files, revealing every layer and detail hidden in the digital format. This means richer, more vibrant sound that stays true to the artist’s vision, letting you hear your music in the highest possible quality.

Versatile Connectivity: Dual USB Modes

The RAW-MDA 1 is all about flexibility. With dual USB modes, it accommodates both high-res enthusiasts and those who prefer simplicity. USB 2.0 delivers high-resolution audio up to 32-bit/768kHz, perfect for audiophiles who crave the best. But if you’re in the mood for a quick, no-fuss connection, USB 1.1 handles up to 96kHz without needing a driver. This versatility ensures that whether you’re connecting to a PC, PS5, or Nintendo Switch, you’re getting the best sound possible without hassle.

Sleek Design, Inside and Out

The RAW-MDA 1 doesn’t just sound good; it looks good too. Featuring a tempered glass display and gold-plated connectors, this device combines durability with elegance. Its stylish design fits seamlessly into any setup, whether minimalist or high-tech. And with the full-featured remote control, you can adjust your settings without leaving your seat, making it a perfect addition to any modern audio setup.

Product Highlights:

  • Full MQA Decoding: Experience the true depth and quality of MQA technology.
  • Dual ESS Chips: Crystal-clear audio with ES9039Q2M.
  • Bluetooth 5.1: Top-notch wireless audio supporting LDAC, aptX HD, SBC, and AAC.
  • XMOS XU-316: Handles up to 32-bit audio and DSD512.
  • Dual USB Modes: USB 2.0 for high-res, USB 1.1 for simplicity.
  • High-End Build: Tempered glass display and gold-plated connectors.
  • Six OPA1612A Op-Amps: Premium sound quality at its best.

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