Stax Earspeakers and Drivers Now Available on Apos Audio

The world around us has changed in the last few weeks in a way that’s previously unfathomable. It’s a precarious time for everyone, and we are grateful for the continuous support from our customers. We hope you, your family, and the members of your community are safe and healthy during this extraordinary time. At our end, we’ve been doing weekly updates for our community and you can read them here.

After receiving numerous community requests we are very excited to announce the launch of the Stax product line on Apos Audio and us being the authorized seller in the US for them. Stax is the Japanese company known for developing the first electrostatic headphones where they were able to reproduce the sound of electrostatic loudspeakers but in a smaller form factor. They are profoundly revered in the audio community and considered “endgame” by most.

Until now, it was hard for anyone to acquire Stax products in the US with the service and support that is deserving of these high-end items. We’ve been able to not only get these products but were able to work with Stax to extend the same Apos Audio service that you’ve come to appreciate. We are providing the Apos Extended 2-Year Warranty on the Stax line along with 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee and Free Returns.

Additionally, we’ve also added the extensive headphone product lines from Audeze and Meze Audio to our Apos Audio store. 

We are always looking to expand the product collection on Apos Audio and if there are other brands or products you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out to us.