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FX Audio Tube 01 Preamplifier


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What Makes It Special

  • Does exactly what it's meant to do at a low pricepoint that is almost shocking given how good the Tube 01 is
  • Tubes are easily replaceable allowing you to customize the sound to your preference
  • Well built housing that is durable with easy to uses knobs and switches

Our Thoughts

If you are looking to achieve the "tube" sound without breaking your wallet, the FX Audio Tube 01 would be our recommendation. It's extremely well priced for what it is and it delivers on what it promises to do. You can easily upgrade it with different tubes to achieve a different sound and in general the Tube 01 is an inexpensive platform from which to dive into the world of tub preamps.

At $32, its hard to go wrong than the FX Audio Tube 01 Preamplifier if you are looking to add color and warmth to your setup. It's an inexpensive unit that does its job well and can add character to how you listen.


  • FX Audio Tube 01 Preamplifier
  • Power Supply / AC Adapter
  • (2) 6J1 Tubes


  • Power supply: DC12V 1A
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 100DB
  • Input: RCA
  • Output: RCA

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