Apos Flow RCA Cable (Pair)


A cable built with common sense

Our Apos Flow RCA Cable isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t involve rare earth materials or dizzying design innovations. It simply does everything an RCA cable needs to do: it works. We use two cores of highly conductive toughened copper, wrap them in five layers of protection, and cap them with durable connectors. Done and done. 

Toughened cores

We use twelve strands of 0.18mm highly-conductive toughened copper and twist them into a single, durable core. We use two cores in each cable.

Five layers of protection

We wrap our cores in five layers of protection. These highly-acronymized layers protect the cores from everything that could damage it (moisture, oils, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference, chemicals, pirate attacks, and even stains) while providing structural stability and a sleek minimal look. 

Made by hand

Each Apos Flow Headphone Cable is handmade one at a time by artisans who attend to every step of the process, including manufacturing, assembling, and quality checking. We do this to ensure a high-performing product with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

Strong, stable connectors

The ergonomic and durable Roxtone connectors that we use for our RCA cables feature 24K gold-plated pins for minimal distortion and rugged zinc alloy shells. The connector’s “tooth mouth” design makes the connection more stable and difficult to pull out.

Product highlights

    • Highly-conductive, toughened copper connectors 
    • Five layers of protection
    • Handmade 
    • Roxtone connectors with 24K gold plating


      • ROXTONE black gold-plated lotus RF2C-BG male plug
      • CANARE two-core audio cable L-2E5AT
      • Number of conductors: 2 
      • Standard wire diameter: 5mm+0.5
      • Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.31mm/23AWG
      • Number of conductor copper wires: 12
      • Conductor copper wire diameter: 0.18mm
      • Torque: 30mm
      • Core DC resistance: 6.2Ω/100m
      • Insulation voltage: 500V AC/min
      • Conductor insulation: XLPE polyethylene
      • Shield: tinned twisted copper shield + high-density aluminum foil paper shield
      • Jacket material: soft PVC / neoprene composite material
      • Cord length: 25cm
      • Termination housing material: zinc alloy
      • Contact: Brass
      • Contact plating: gold

      What’s included

      • 1 pair of Apos Flow RCA Cables

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