Chord 2yu Audio Interface


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The Chord 2yu is a digital interface that enables the Chord 2go streamer to be used with external DACs and devices. With easy plug-and-play capability, the 2yu works seamlessly with the 2go to provide TOSLINK optical S/PDIF, coaxial and BNC digital outputs, and a USB-A output. With so many options, this compact device significantly expands the 2go’s possibilities. 

Boasting an integrated sample rate converter and a low-jitter audio phase lock loop, the 2go is a must for any audiophile seeking to connect a favorite DAC to a network by WiFi or ethernet. 


  • Compatibility: In order for 2yu to inherit streaming/music transport capabilities or function as an audio interface, a connection with 2go is required.
  • Power supply: Micro USB (5v 1amp minimum required)
  • PCM and DSD support: 44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP)
  • Sample rate converter: Integrated, automatic downsampling is provided if a higher sample rate is being played than the output can support.
  • Digital audio outputs: USB Type-A (up-to 768kHz or DSD 256), BNC or RCA coax (up-to 384kHz or DSD 128) and Optical (up-to 96kHz or DSD 64)
  • Processing power: 2000MIPS

Included Accessories: 

  • 2yu user manual
  • Safety instructions
  • Drawstring bag
  • 5V 2A Switching Micro USB power supply
  • Type-A USB to Type-B USB cable
  • BNC to BNC cable
  • Optical cable

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