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DSA Miami Keycap Set

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Welcome to Miami

Embracing the iconic colors of the original Miami, the DSA Miami Keycap Set is a loving reimagining, brought to life by the original manufacturer. By harnessing modern manufacturing techniques, the set reincarnates its vintage charm within a new profile, making it a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics.

Authenticity in Every Key

Maintaining the exact colors of the Miami, these keycaps pay tribute to a unique style that continues to resonate with keyboard enthusiasts. These aren't mere replicas; they are a sincere homage to an era that defined keyboard aesthetics, allowing users to feel a connection with history.

Quality Meets Creativity: Washington's Finest

Newly created in Washington, USA, the keycaps undergo a double-shot molding process using high-quality ABS double-shot plastic. This ensures a durable design that won't wear out, allowing the legends to remain sharp and vibrant, even when your typing sessions turn into late-night creative endeavors.

The DSA Profile: A Modern Twist

The innovative DSA profile adds a fresh dimension to the classic Miami design. The low, uniform profile lends itself to a comfortable and efficient typing experience, while adding a touch of sophistication to your keyboard.

Product Highlights

  • Original Miami colors for authentic style
  • Made in Washington, USA with precision and care
  • Quality ABS double-shot plastic for long-lasting appeal
  • DSA Profile for a modern yet comfortable typing experience


  • Profile: DSA
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX Switches
  • Material: ABS double-shot plastic

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