FiiO M23 Digital Audio Player (DAP)


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Balanced brilliance on the move

Meet the FiiO M23 Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player, an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality audio on the go without the steep price tag of flagship models. Priced at $699.99, the M23 is a mid-tier player that offers an exceptional array of features and specifications. While it doesn’t provide the absolute cutting-edge performance of the FiiO flagship M17 portable, its dual AKM DACs, fully-balanced THX AAA 78+ amplification, and a really cool Digital Audio Purification System make it a killer option for breath-takingly good portable sound without the need to take out a second mortgage. For most listeners, that’s absolutely good enough. 

Dual AKM DACs 

The M23 features the AK4191EQ and AK4499EX DACs in a new design that totally separates the digital and analog portions of the audio chain. In addition, FiiO’s “DWA Routing Technology” further improves signal-to-noise ratio, giving you a super-clean signal that's nevertheless not super-sterile. Expect a sound that's smooth, relaxed, and natural.

Desktop mode on demand

With a simple click, the M23 switches to desktop mode, drawing power exclusively from an external source. This feature allows it to double as a desktop audio device, perfect for extended listening sessions without placing any wear on the battery. 

Power in your pocket

The M23 introduces dual USB Type-C ports, including one dedicated solely for power. This setup supports Super High Gain Mode, pushing a whopping 1000mW+1000mW per channel, ideal for driving high-impedance headphones straight from your pocket. 

Superior amplification with THX AAA 78+

Building on the success of previous models, the M23 incorporates the THX AAA 78+ amplifier design for even greater audio output with high fidelity. This advanced amplification design provides truly balanced 8-channel parallel amplification that prevents crosstalk and promotes crystal-clear output. 

Independent power supplies

The M23 features four separate power supplies for its digital and analog components. This design ensures precise digital audio processing and pure analog sound output.

Designed for durability and performance

The large 5500mAh battery is designed for longevity, employing advanced materials and protection technologies. The M23 has a 10.5 hour single-ended runtime and a 9 hour balanced runtime. When it dies, it supports dual-mode fast charging, letting you get back to your playlists in no time. 

DAPS Bit-perfect Audio Purification System 

This is really cool: the M23 uses the Digital Audio Purification System (DAPS) to ensure that every audio file retains its original sample rate, whether it's PCM or DSD format, avoiding any alteration through resampling. This feature is especially great when using the M23 with FiiO Music or third-party applications, as well as in USB DAC mode, providing a consistent, high-quality audio performance across all use scenarios.

Customize your sound

The built-in 10-band PEQ allows for detailed sound customization. Adjust frequency, gain, and bandwidth to tailor the audio to your exact preferences or correct a headphone’s frequency response curve.

Product highlights

  • Flagship AKM DAC technology for superior sound clarity
  • Desktop mode for uninterrupted power during extended use
  • Dual USB Type-C ports with a dedicated power input
  • THX AAA 78+ amplifier for powerful, accurate audio
  • High fidelity architecture with multiple gain settings
  • Premium components for stable, detailed sound
  • Independent digital and analog power supplies
  • Large capacity battery with sophisticated charging modes
  • Digital Audio Purification System for flawless playback
  • 10-band PEQ and ALL TO DSD for ultimate audio customization
  • Elegant, durable design with a choice of materials and colors


General Specifications

  • Name/Model: M23
  • Working Mode: Android/Pure music/USB DAC/Bluetooth
  • Receiving/AirPlay/Roon Ready
  • Dimensions: About 75.7x136.5x18.1mm
  • Display: 5.5-inch bezel-less screen (1440*720 resolution ratio)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Memory Card: Single microSD card expansion, up to 2TB in theory
  • Channel Balance: L20~R20 (0.5dB per level)
  • Buttons and Ports:
    • Buttons: Power button1; Multifunction button1; volume touch panel1; Play/Pause1; Previous track1; Next track1
    • Headphone out: 3.5 mm
    • BAL headphone out: 4.4 mm
    • COAX headphone out: 3.5 mm (shared PO, supports up to 384kHz-24bit/DS128)
  • Hardware Solution
    • SoC: Snapdragon 660, DAC: AK4191EQ+AK4499EX, Amp: 4-way THX AAA-78+, charging: AW32271
  • Color: Deep blue/Stainless steel
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: About 299g (Deep blue)/About 392.3g (Stainless steel)
  • Volume Control Way: Slide or button control
  • Internal Storage/Available Space (ROM): 64GB/about 46GB
  • Gain Mode: Super High (for fast charge)/High/Medium/Low Gain modes
  • Adaptive Impedance
    • PO: 8150Ω; BAL: 8350Ω
  • WiFi
    • 2.4GHz/5GHz, supports multimedia service (DLNA), AirPlay, WiFi song transfer, Roon Ready, etc.
  • Bluetooth Reception (5.0): SBC/AAC/LDAC
  • Bluetooth Transmission (5.0): SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC
  • MQA: Supports MQA full decoding
  • Double Tap to Wake Up: Supported
  • FiiO Link: Android supports WiFi and Bluetooth control, iOS supports WiFi control
  • Local Decoding: Up to 384kHz-32bit/DSD256
  • Power Off Timers: Supports Sleep/Idle power off
  • Max Supported Sampling Rate
    • USB DAC: up to 384kHz-32bit/DSD256
    • USB Audio: 768kHz-32bit/DSD512 (supports DoP/D2P/Native)
  • EQ Adjustment
    • 10-band dynamic EQ adjustment (±12dB), built in 8 types of preset EQ, self-define EQ, supports PEQ
  • Firmware Upgrade: Supports upgrade from local storage/memory card/OTA
  • In-Vehicle Mode: Auto on/off following the USB of the vehicle
  • System Navigation Mode: Supports gesture navigation, 2-button navigation, and 3-button navigation
  • Power Supply: Supports QC3.0, QC4.0, PD2.0, PD3.0 PPS fast charge
  • Charging Time: About 2.5 hours (PD3.0 fast charge mode)
  • Battery Capacity: 5500mAh
  • Standby Time: 1000h

Audio Parameters

  • Parts of Performance and Parameters of PO (Super High Gain mode)
    • Output Power:
      • L+R=480mW+480mW (16Ω, THD+N <1%)
      • L+R=240mW+440mW (32Ω, THD+N <1%)
      • L+R=260mW+60mW (300Ω, THD+N <1%)
    • Output Impedance: <1Ω
    • Crosstalk: ≥72dB (1kHz@32Ω)
    • Frequency Response:
      • 20Hz–20kHz: damping<0.1dB
      • 20Hz–80kHz: damping<1.1dB
    • THD+N & Noise: ≤0.00038% (1kHz/6dB@32Ω)
    • SNR: ≥125dB (A-weighted)
    • Noise Floor: ≤1.9uV (A-weighted)
    • Peak Output Voltage: 12 Vp-p
  • Parts of Performance and Parameters of PO (High gain)
    • Output Power:
      • L+R=235mW+235mW (16Ω, THD+N <1%)
      • L+R=125mW+125mW (32Ω, THD+N <1%)
      • L+R=15mW+15mW (300Ω, THD+N <1%)
    • Crosstalk: ≥71dB (1kHz@32Ω)
    • Frequency Response:
      • 20Hz–20kHz: damping<0.1dB
      • 20Hz–80kHz: damping<1.1dB
    • THD+N & Noise: ≤0.00046% (1kHz/-4.1dB@32Ω)
    • SNR: ≥120dB (A-weighted)
    • Noise Floor: ≤1.9uV (A-weighted)
    • Peak Output Voltage: 6 Vp-p
  • Parts of Performance and Parameters of Line-out
    • THD+N & Noise: ≤0.00043% (1kHz/0dB@10kΩ)
    • Crosstalk: ≥110dB (1kHz@10kΩ)
    • Frequency Response:
      • 20Hz–20kHz: damping<0.1dB
      • 20Hz–80kHz: damping<1.1dB
    • SNR: ≥126dB (A-weighted)
    • Noise Floor: ≤1.1uV (A-weighted)
    • Line Output Level: 2.0Vrms

What’s included

  • M23
  • Screen protective film (pre-installed)
  • Protective case (for Aluminum Alloy Version)
  • Leather case  (for Stainless Steel Version)
  • USB-A male to Type-C female adapter
  • Tray eject pin
  • GPL V2 manual
  • Warranty card
  • Type-C to Type-C data/charging cable
  • Quick start guide

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