GMK Deku Keycap Set

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Embark on the Hero's Journey

Dive into the captivating world of Deku's academia years with this exciting keycap set. This set encapsulates the essence of the anime's main character, Deku, and his adventure of bravery, hope, and determination. Each key press isn't just an interaction with your keyboard, it's an homage to Deku's heroic journey.

Artistry Infused with Functionality

The GMK Deku Keycap Set marries vivid imagery with outstanding performance. Crafted by the renowned GMK and the creative mind of Scucka, these keycaps provide both a visually appealing and a superior typing experience. The addition of Hiragana sublegends complements the theme, bringing an authentic Japanese aesthetic right under your fingertips while maintaining utmost practicality.

Flexible Options for a Tailored Experience

  • Base Kit: This comprehensive set equips you with everything needed for compact to full-sized keyboards. It's compatible with num pads, ISO, and other common keyboard types.

  • Latin Kit: This set of alphas provides an option without the hiragana sublegends.
  • Novelties Kit: Inject some fun into your keyboard with a set of special keys inspired by heroism. From empowering fists to the motivational "plus ultra," let your keys echo your spirit.

  • Spacebars Kit: Designed for ergonomic and split keyboards, this kit includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters, enhancing your typing experience while preserving the color scheme.

Product Highlights

  • Heroic theme and aesthetic elements
  • High-quality ABS Doubleshot plastic
  • Hiragana sublegends


  • Produced by GMK
  • Designed by Scucka
  • ABS Doubleshot plastic

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