GMK Hanami Dango Keycap Set

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Embrace Sakura Season

Experience the beauty of Japanese cherry blossom season right at your fingertips with our Hanami Dango-themed keyboard. This set, designed by Hectellian and produced by GMK, takes you on a tour of the traditional springtime Hanami (flower viewing) from the comfort of your desk.

A Colorful Delight

The Hanami Dango keyboard, inspired by the delicious and colorful Japanese sweet, is an epitome of tasteful design. Its pink, white, and green mochi-rice dumpling-colored keycaps are reminiscent of the festive skewers seen during Sakura viewing.

Doubleshot ABS Plastic with Cherry Profile

With keycaps made of Doubleshot ABS Plastic in the iconic Cherry Profile, this keyboard offers durability, precision, and a smooth typing experience. The manufacturing process ensures that the beautiful colors of your keyboard won't fade, maintaining their vibrant aesthetic for years to come.

Pick Your Flavor of Hanami Dango: Kit Options

  • Base Kit: This is your complete package for all your keyboard needs. It covers everything from compact to full-sized keyboards, num pads, ISO, and all other common keyboard types.

  • Hiragana Kit: Dive deeper into the Japanese vibe with alphas featuring beautiful hiragana legends.

  • Novelties Kit: Spice things up with this set of special keys, each one telling the Hanami Dango story through symbols of mochi dumplings and cherry blossoms.

  • Spacebars Kit: This expansion set is perfect for real keyboard enthusiasts. It includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters, making it a perfect fit for various ergonomic and split keyboards.

  • Keylabs Sakura Enamel: Stand out from the crowd with this special artisan R1 keycap. The beautiful Sakura enamel design adds a unique touch to your keyboard.

  • Keylabs Sakura Swirl: Go for a twist with another special artisan R1 keycap. The Sakura swirl design gives your keyboard a dash of color and creativity.

Product Highlights

  • Designed by Hectellian and produced by GMK
  • Inspired by the traditional Japanese sweet, Hanami Dango
  • Keycaps made of Doubleshot ABS Plastic in Cherry Profile
  • Two aluminum R1 novelties from Keylabs, Sakura Enamel, and Sakura Swirl
  • Complemented by deskmats (sold separately) for a cohesive look


  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Designed by: Hectellian
  • Produced by: GMK
  • Novelties: Keylabs Sakura Enamel and Sakura Swirl

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