Moondrop | 水月雨

Moondrop Crescent In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone


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What Makes It Special

  • $30 IEM that sounds better than more expensive IEMs double or triple the cost 
  • Well designed housing that borrows from it's more expensive cousin, the Moondrop Aria
  • Clear and balanced sound as Moondrop has done an excellent job tuning the Crescent
  • Bang for your buck's definition would be the Moondrop Aria.

Our Thoughts

When you are trying to build a sub $50 IEM product, it necessitates decisions on what to focus on and what to cut. We've seen many IEM companies focus on padding a spec sheet or focusing on branding, packaging, and design. Moondrop, however, has clearly focused on the quality of the sound and the tuning on the Crescent (it still looks great) and the result is a product that can hold its own against competitors that are much more expensive.

The Moondrop Crescent punches way above it's price and is one of our top picks for a sub $50 IEM. There are many IEMs that sound better on paper; the Moondrop Crescent sounds better in practice.


  • Moondrop Crescent In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone


  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency response range: 16-30khz
  • Full-frequency total harmonic distortion: THD < 2%
  • Intermodulation distortion: IMD < 0.5%
  • Sensitivity: 98dbB@1kHz
  • Quality control range: ±1.5dB
  • Unit: 6mm External Magnetic Transducer
  • Coil: 0.03mm-CCAW
  • Cavity: Three-axis cutting brass
  • Wire rod: 4N Litz OFC

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