SA Espresso Keycap Set

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From Your Cup to Your Keyboard

Indulge in the caffeinated charm of the SA Espresso Keycap Set. Inspired by the magic of a freshly brewed cup of espresso, this keycap set is all about helping you sink into the bold yet soothing vibe of your morning ritual.

Double Shot ABS Plastic: Durable and Glossy

The SA Espresso Keycap Set isn't just about good looks—it's designed to endure. Made from Doubleshot ABS plastic, the keycaps offer a glossy finish and stellar longevity. Like your favorite coffee mug that stands the test of time, these keycaps will withstand your daily typing grind.

SA Profile: The Comfort of a Perfect Sip

Each key of the SA Espresso Keycap Set sports the SA profile, known for its spherical touch surfaces and a high, bold look. It's like the comforting feel of a warm coffee mug in your hands, translated to your typing experience. The profile, along with the espresso-inspired aesthetics, crafts an engaging blend of comfort and style.

Choose Your Perfect Kit:

  • Alphas: This base set includes all the numerical keys, alphabetical keys, and a space bar to get you started on your keyboard journey.
  • TKL: To fit out a Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, this additional kit is your best friend. It provides the keys missing from the Alphas for that compact form factor.
  • Specialties: This expansion set includes keys in alternative sizes for those who like to break away from the standard molds.
  • Spacebars: To ensure comfort and adaptability, this expansion set includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters suitable for various keyboards.
  • Numpad: For those who can't do without a dedicated number pad on a full-sized keyboard, this kit provides all the keys you need.
  • ISO: Catering specifically to ISO keyboard users, this expansion set has all the necessary keys to cater to this layout.
  • Ergo: An all-inclusive expansion set specifically designed for ergonomic keyboards, for when comfort is key.
  • Novelties: For the coffee lovers, this set includes keys depicting foam art, espresso cups, coffee cups, espresso machine parts, and more. An aesthetically pleasing way to express your love for caffeine.
  • THOK Metal Novelty: To round it all up, we have a metal artisan keycap depicting a cappuccino with a foamy top. An exquisite piece of craftsmanship that truly captures the spirit of the espresso theme.

Product Highlights:

  • Espresso-inspired aesthetics
  • Durable Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Comfortable and distinctive SA profile
  • THOK novelty key with brass PVD plating


  • Designer: JPoc
  • Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: SA
  • Novelty: Brass PVD Plated by THOK

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