HiFiMAN HE1000se vs HiFiMAN Susvara Comparison Chart

If you’re seeking end-game planar magnetic headphones, HiFiMAN should be high on your list. We’ve made a comparison chart for the HiFiMAN HE1000se and the HiFiMAN Susvara, two of the company’s premiere offerings. Both headphones are available right here on Apos, so if you have any questions about either feel free to reach out to our Support Team. 

HiFiMAN HE1000se

HiFiMAN Susvara










Frequency range




Perforated suede headband, wood veneer, CNC-milled metal

Perforated suede headband, wood veneer, CNC-milled metal 

Acoustically stealth magnets



Diaphragm thickness



Driver protection type

“Window shade”

“Window shade”

Earcup shape


Slightly oval

Connector type




15.5oz (440g)

15.9oz (450g)

Influencer Sound Opinion: Joshua Valour

“I really appreciate the design philosophy that HiFiMan takes: it’s basically ‘take the biggest driver that you can get with the strongest magnets that you can get, and put it in the lightest possible housing structure that you can get.” 

“This is by far the most detailed headphone I’ve heard at any price.” 

“This is the most hearing-things-you’ve-never-heard-before headphone I’ve ever heard.” 

“I personally find this sound signature to be very well-rounded. It’s got a little more of a focus in the midrange and top-end than it does in the bass response, but still it’s very complete and detailed in all areas.” 

“The timbre characteristics are rich and nuanced.” 

“While the treble response is detailed, it is sometimes at the cost of enjoyability.” 

“The midrange is extraordinarily detailed. It is very fast. It isn’t as inherently warm as the LCD...or Arya...but this...shows you more honesty.” 

“Bass response...is ultra-fast, informative, and dynamic.” 

“It’s not as strong in bass-response as the LCD-4.” 

“Imaging is spectacular.” 

“Soundstage….is good, but there are wider and deeper and more-involved headphones at lower costs.” 

“Ultimately, [this headphone] isn’t about listening to the music but about listening to the recording...it’s an incredibly honest headphone. That’s my main takeaway here.” 

“This is the most comfortable HiFiMan I’ve come across.”

“The sound quality doesn’t take anything to extremes.” 

“You get a sense of realness...the bass response seems quick and easy, and the midrange seems lush and full and tight and well-rounded, and the treble response seems present, it seems fast, but not over-kill.”

“You get really lovely forwardness...and you get nice details.”

“Bass response, for a flagship planar, is a little light, which might shock some people.” 

“I think a better example of bass response is HiFiMAN’s HE1000se.” 

“This headphone has a high degree of naturalness.” 

“[The] midrange is the most disappointing area because this has ‘HiFiMan midrange,” and I don’t consider HiFiMan to be the best at midrange at any price.” 

“Soundstaging and imaging...is pretty wonderful, but I don’t think they’re vastly better than other headphones.” 

“This headphone doesn’t do anything specifically the best. It’s just got really great performance in most areas...it’s extremely well-rounded, but there’s nothing that’s making me sit here and say this headphone is the best headphone ever.” 

“It honestly is a fantastic headphone, but don’t expect it to beat every headphone in every category: it doesn’t quite do that.” 

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