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Note: We've been receiving a lot of community feedback for additional layout compatibilities and keycap ideas. Here is an interest check survey for the community to provide us feedback so we can get you the additional kits and designs you'd like to see. 

Now Dropping…Literally

Ever noticed how Linus seems to have an adversarial relationship with gravity, dropping expensive pieces of tech in nearly every video? Well, just like Linus, we’re dropping something new: the Linus Tech Tips Keycap Set. From the “banana for scale” to the indispensable screwdriver to Linus’ legendary underwear, this kit celebrates all things LTT. Originally created as a giveaway item for the LTX Expo, we expanded production so that anyone can own their very own! Crafted from super-durable PBT plastic and featuring the all-day comfort of the Cherry profile, this officially-licensed set is so high-quality that even Linus himself would struggle to drop it. (But he’d probably find a way!)

Gimme that Thocc

With thick 0.5mm PBT keycaps, these surpass basic ABS plastic keycaps not only in durability but also sound profile. Coupled with a Cherry profile, the result is a deep and satisfying “thocky” sound you’ll hear with every keystroke. 

Crafted by fans, for fans

This isn't just any color scheme. We dove deep into the LTT archives, selecting colors that are meaningful to Linus, designer and occasional host Sarah, and fans alike. Of course, there are the official LTT brand colors, but we’ve also chosen Sarah’s personal favorite Pantone (the orange accents), and colors from LTT’s merch line. We hope longtime fans of the show feel right at home with the aesthetic. 

Full-size, compact, and everything in between

Sure, this kit rocks an underwear key, but that doesn’t mean it’s made for laughs. It’s built to last and fit a huge variety of keyboards, too. Its PBT plastic construction means it won’t get shiny or wear out easily, and its top-notch dye-sublimated legends are crisp, clear, and ready for the long haul. No matter what size keyboard you use—full-size, TKL, or even our very own WhiteFox Eclipse—this set has enough keys to cover you. 

Product Highlights

  • Compatibility with Full-size, TKL, and WhiteFox Eclipse keyboards

  • Accent keys in Sarah’s favorite pantone color

  • Legends in the Linus Tech Tips’ brand color

  • Novelty keycaps featuring iconic elements from Linus Tech Tips

  • Bundle with a WhiteFox Eclipse keyboard and save up to 11% — Learn more about this enthusiast Bluetooth gasket-mount keyboard here.

  • Banana for scale not included 


  • Keycap Material: PBT plastic

  • Keycap Thickness: 0.5mm

  • Profile: Cherry

  • Method: Dye-sublimated

  • Compatibility: Full-size, TKL, WhiteFox Eclipse

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