Introducing Apos 𝒙: The Next Generation of Grassroots Products

No more corporate clones

Ever feel like enthusiast products nowadays are dreamed up in a room full of executives all dressed in the same gray suit, nodding solemnly at PowerPoint slides, utterly disconnected from the real world, just churning out the same tired products year after year, doing anything possible to hit their quarterly goals,  without ever stopping to think about what the community actually wants?

Yeah, same. 

Now imagine a different scenario—a platform where products aren’t just handed down from on high but created in collaboration with the people who actually use them. 

This is Apos 𝒙—a new platform that turns that vision into a reality. 

What is Apos 𝒙?

Why are we calling this platform Apos 𝒙? Simple: our top investor is Elon Musk and he’s taking us straight to Mars, baby! 

Actually, no, for better or worse Elon has nothing to do with this. 

We’re calling it Apos 𝒙 because symbolism (the crowd oohs and aahs). 

The 𝒙 symbolizes the partnerships we’re making between designers, manufacturers, and you, the community. In math (the crowd hisses at the mention of math), 𝒙 represents the variable of an unknown quantity. For us, that unknown quantity is the community itself. Your ideas, feedback, and creativity are the secret sauce that makes each product unique. 

Apos 𝒙 isn’t here to churn out product after product. It’s here to be a bridge between you and manufacturers, knocking down the hurdles between the community and a new generation of grassroots products. 

A Platform for Designers

Not every audiophile with a good idea works for a company that can turn that good idea into a reality. Sometimes those audiophiles have day jobs and children and a new Elden Ring DLC that calls their name every waking hour of the day.

Apos 𝒙 gives audiophiles, designers, and tinkerers a platform to showcase their ideas and turn them into a reality. By partnering with us, designers can access the resources and expertise needed to bring their concepts to life. We’re here to support and amplify your creativity, connecting you to the right manufacturers and brands who can bring your vision to life. 

Bringing You Into the Conversation

Rather than announcing a new product to you when it’s finished, we want your input while the product is still being made. We take polls, do feedback and interest checks, and even send out prototypes to Apos x members through a lottery system. Your feedback helps us tweak and improve the products before they hit the market.  

How Do I Become an Apos 𝒙 Participant? 

If you’re a designer and want to pitch an idea to us, please reach out to 

If you’re a community member and want to sign up to audition prototypes, please fill out our Apos 𝒙 participant form.

Giving Credit Where It's Due

As a community platform, we’re going to give credit where it’s due. If you offer feedback on a product and wish to be recognized, we'll give you a shout-out on the product page itself. That way, everyone who buys the product will see the names of the awesome individuals like you who helped bring it to life. 

What’s next? 

This announcement is just the very, very beginning of what we hope will be an exciting and successful platform. We have so much more in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. 

We’re already hard at work on a number of Apos 𝒙 products. Check out:

Stay tuned for more.


Tom at Apos