Apos x MattyBlue Wall-mounted Audio Rack

Stop Vibrations In Its Tracks

Say hello to this heavy-duty, wall-mounted audio gear rack. Each corner of the top and bottom shelf is independently adjustable, so you can get it dead level—a must for those of us with turntables. And because vibration is the enemy of good sound, the top and bottom shelf has a double-layer with silicone sandwiched in between. The top layer is insulated from the rest of the rack to keep vibrations at bay. The middle shelf is intended for vinyl. Built by hand by an audiophile for audiophiles, this rack is perfect for turntables and tube amps alike.

Why wall-mounted?

Floors are bouncy. Every footstep sends shivers through your gear. Walls, on the other hand—especially solid exterior ones—are way more stable. By mounting your gear on the wall, you’re giving vibration a run for its money. Add the double-layer silicone-damped shelves into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a setup that’s as solid as a rock.

Meet your maker

Matt Jabloner aka MattyBlue was once an environmental engineer who now channels his expertise into making audio equipment. Hailing from Washington state, he’s created numerous enthusiast audiophile products like the Bottlehead Solitary Confinement Isolation Platform, Bottleheadphone stand kit, Bottlehead Subette Passive Subwoofer kit, and the Bottlehead DIY flat pack speakers. He prioritizes warmth in design, using solid woods like Alder and Sapele and ensuring his designs complement rather than dominate a room. From turntable platforms to subwoofers, Matt's creations blend modern tech with timeless materials. He’s ecstatic to collaborate with Apos on his latest design, the Wall-mounted Audio Rack.


  • Width: 19.50 inches. Height: 33.50 inches. Depth: 16.75 inches
  • Each shelf is 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep. There is a cut-out at the back of each shelf  for cables/wire routing.
  • Includes three shelves. Top and bottom shelves are damped. The middle shelf is not.
  • Adjustable height shelving.
  • Top and bottom shelves have independent leveled by use of adjusting screws and silicone springs.
  • The unit is constructed of Baltic Birch plywood. It is finished with a dark walnut oil which, on the light birch, results in a delicate walnut tone.

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