Apos x Z Reviews Magia Cable

Crap cables are history

We've all been there: dealing with poorly made cables that tangle easily, feel flimsy, and deliver subpar sound quality. It's frustrating to invest in great audio equipment only to have it let down by a weak link. Enter the Apos x Z Reviews Magia Cable. The hand-made Magia Cable brings superior craftsmanship, durability, and performance to the table. Say goodbye to tangled messes and weak connections, and hello to a cable that looks great, feels solid, and delivers top-notch sound.

Double the cores, double the performance

The Magia Cable’s construction features double the cores of the standard Apos Flow Cable. By splitting two copper wires into four pieces, inserting them into a net two at a time, and then weaving the four wires together, we ensure superior signal transmission and durability. More cores improve signal integrity, reduce noise, and provide a cleaner signal path. They also make the Magia more durable and flexible, less prone to tangling and wear. This intricate method—essentially doing the Apos Flow Cable process four times—makes every Magia Cable a beast. The result is better sound quality, stronger durability, and a cable ready for anything.

The cable that keeps up

Subpar cable materials can be a real headache, leading to tangling, fraying, and frequent replacements. The Magia Cable tackles these issues with a tough polyester high-strength braided sleeve combined with low-stretch yarn. These materials keep the cable durable and flexible, so it won’t tangle or wear out easily. Plus, it looks sleek and feels great in your hands. 

Product highlights

  • Hand-made 

  • 8 cores of copper wire for superior performance

  • Complex weaving process for superior durability

  • Designed in collaboration with Z Reviews


  • Number of conductors: 8

  • Quantity of conductor copper wires: 19

  • Diameter of conductor copper wire: 0.08mm

  • Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.15mm/25AWG

  • Conductor insulation layer: TPU 1.0mm

  • Shell material: Polyester high strength braided sleeve and Low stretch yarn braided sleeve

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