New From TOPPING: B200 Mono Power Amplifier

Meet the TOPPING B200 Mono Power Amplifier

Dealing with muddy sound and weak amplifiers is annoying. But I’m going to let you in on an ancient secret passed down through the generations of audiophiles like something straight out of a Dan Brown novel: mono amplifiris. That’s Latin for: mono amplifiers. (Not really.) 

Stereo amplifiers can sometimes sound muddy due to crosstalk, which is the unwanted transfer of signals between channels. This can happen when the left and right audio channels interfere with each other, leading to a less clear and distinct sound. Mono amplifiers are the old old school way of doing things. By using one (mono) amplifier per channel, you eliminate the issue entirely, ensuring each channel is delivered clearly. 

Why the B200? Because Clean Sound Matters

The B200 an NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) discrete power amplifier circuit, cutting down on distortion and noise like a Knights Templar. Basically, your music will sound cleaner, clearer, and more amazing than ever. With a beefy 200W of power, this bad boy ensures every note and beat hits just right.

Three’s Not a Crowd Here

Why settle for one input when you can have three? The B200 boasts three sets of XLR/TRS balanced inputs, so you can connect all your favorite gear without a hitch. DAC, CD player, streaming device—bring ‘em all. Balanced inputs mean your signal stays pristine, just the way you like it.

Product highlights

  • Brand new NFCA discrete amplifier
  • Three sets of XLR/TRS balanced inputs
  • 200W output power
  • High/low gain options
  • Exquisite detail reproduction in music
  • Perfect pairing with D90 III Sabre
  • Compatible with pre-90 for a high-power combo set
  • 12V trigger for linked power on/off

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