Moondrop Para 100mm Planar Magnetic Full-Size Headphone (Apos Certified)

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This is an Apos Certified product. That means it's refurbished, like new, eligible for our 45-day return policy, carries an Apos Certified One-Year Warranty, and ships from our US facility. Currently, Apos Certified products are only available to customers with a US shipping address. We appreciate your understanding as we aspire to expand our offerings to a broader audience in the future.

The New Era of Planar Magnetic Sound

In the competitive world of planar magnetic headphones, the Moondrop Para stands apart. With its ultra-large 100mm diameter diaphragm and breakthrough Full Drive Technology, you're in for a sound experience that rivals high-end headphones.

The magic of the 100mm Diaphragm

Bigger isn't always better, but in this case it is. PARA's game-changing 100mm-diameter diaphragm with Full Drive Technology transforms how you hear your music. Imagine a diaphragm where every single bit of its surface is driven equally and powerfully. That means less distortion, clearer trebles, and a sound quality that brushes up against the best electrostatics out there.

Getting technical with FDT

When we talk about traditional planar magnetic headphones, they often have circuits that spill out past the effective drive circuit area. This can lead to the blurring of treble details and distorted sound. But with the Full Drive Technology in the PARA, the entire vibrating surface of the diaphragm is uniformly driven—giving you treble performance that outshines traditional planar magnetic headphones.

Power from the N52 Magnet Array

When it comes to driving force, PARA's got it in spades. Thanks to an array of 36 massive N52 neodymium strip magnets—optimized by FEA finite element analysis—every inch of the diaphragm vibrates in a consistent and efficient magnetic field.

Diaphragm magic--upgraded

It's not just about size—it's about material and design. PARA's diaphragm is crafted from a high-damping flexible composite material that's been fine-tuned to perfection. Couple that with the pure silver etched circuit and Tension Balancing Technology, and you've got a headphone that plays well with everything—from your standard amp to the finest HiFi equipment.

Lightweight, but heavy on performance

Remember the VENUS? PARA is its next-gen sibling. Retaining the integrated driver-cavity structure but making leaps in terms of material and design, the result is a headphone that's lighter on your head but packs a punch in performance.

Tuning for the true audiophile

MOONDROP’s acoustics R&D team went the extra mile to ensure PARA gives you a sound that's natural, open, and laid-back. It's not just about specs—it's about delivering a truly immersive experience. And with ultra-low nonlinear distortion, you're getting a smooth performance even when things get intense.

Product highlights

  • 100mm ultra-large FDT diaphragm
  • High sensitivity and low impedance for easy driving
  • High-damping flexible composite diaphragm
  • High elastic pure silver etched circuit
  • N52 magnet array optimized by FEA
  • Lightweight integrated driver-cavity structure
  • Ultra-low nonlinear distortion
  • Scientific tuning with natural timbre
  • Universal dual 3.5mm interchangeable cable design


  • Sensitivity: 101dB/Vrms
  • Impedance: 8Ω±15%
  • Frequency range: 15-53kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)
  • Effective frequency range: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
  • Headphone jack: 3.5mm

What’s included

  • Moondrop Para 100mm Planar Magnetic Full-Size Headphone
  • Universal dual 3.5mm interchangeable cable
Apos Certified

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