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Pure beryllium diaphragm 

The A8000 uses an ultra-thin beryllium foil diaphragm, which is said to be an ideal material due to its light weight and speed. In the past, a Beryllium diaphragm was created by depositing a thin coat of beryllium onto a resin; however, with this method the characteristics of the resin were predominant. When pure beryllium is used as the only material of the diaphragm, the sound characteristics are much better. 

Tetra-chamber construction

The chassis is divided into four chambers. The driver is directly mounted into the ante-chamber of the chassis by a design that suppresses unnecessary vibration to achieve a distinct sound contour. The use of four chambers achieves a balance between volume and tightness in the low range while also preventing sound leakage. 

Ear hooks that eliminate cable touch noise

The A8000 uses an ergonomically designed ear hook that accommodates a vast range of ear shapes and sizes. The design also alleviates cable touch noise, the rustling sound that occurs when the cable rubs against your body.

Interchangeable dust filter 

Unlike the dust filters in many IEMs that can become soiled with earwax, the dust filter in the A8000 can be easily removed and replaced. An extra dust filter is included as an accessory. 

Aluminum and silicone carrying case 

The aluminum carrying case is designed to strike a balance between fitting in your pocket and protecting the A8000. The exterior is made of protective aluminum, while the interior is made of soft silicone that will not scratch the IEMs.

Product highlights

  • Pure beryllium diaphragm 
  • Tetra-chamber construction
  • Ear hooks
  • Interchangeable dust filter
  • Comfortable ergonomic chassis 
  • MMCX connector 
  • High-purity OFC silver coated cable 
  • Aluminum and silicone carrying case


  • Housing: Stainless steel 
  • Driver: True beryllium dynamic driver
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Cable: OFC silver-coated cable
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Weight: 41g
  • Cord length: 1.2m

What’s included

  • A8000 IEMs
  • MMCX assist tool for easy plug removal 
  • Aluminum and silicone carrying case
  • Ear tips (E-type, five sizes)
  • Ear hooks
  • Replacement dust filter
  • OFC silver-coated cable

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