KDS Deku Keycap Set


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Channel Your Inner Hero

Step into the shoes—or rather, the gloves—of Deku, the unlikely protagonist of My Hero Academia, with the KDS Deku Keycap Set. With its vibrant mix of red, white, and teal, underscored by elegant hiragana sub-legends, this keycap set passes the One For All quirk on to your gaming and typing endeavors. 

Built for the Long Haul

Deku's path is not without its challenges, and neither is your typing or gaming. That's why the KDS Deku Keycap Set, crafted from sturdy PBT plastic through reverse dye-sublimation, is designed to endure. The Cherry profile ensures your journey is comfortable, allowing you to type, game, or work with the endurance of a hero training for the top.

Choose Your Quirk

  • Base Kit: The cornerstone of your setup, the Base Kit includes all the keycaps you need for compact to full-sized keyboards. 
  • Novelties Kit: This kit features special keys such as Deku's gloves, punching fists, and the "PLUS ULTRA" slogan. 

Product Highlights

  • Inspired by Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from My Hero Academia
  • A collaborative creation by Kono and Scucka
  • Part of the exclusive Kono Designer Series
  • Composed of high-endurance PBT plastic
  • Enhanced with reverse dye-sublimation for depth and durability
  • Cherry profile for a universally comfortable typing experience
  • Adorned with a color palette that reflects Deku's costume
  • Novelty keys that celebrate iconic symbols and moments from the series
  • Includes a unique HIBI Artisan keycap as a centerpiece


  • Material: PBT Plastic
  • Technique: Reverse Dye-Sublimation
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Theme Designer: Scucka
  • Production: Kono

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