Apos Caspian Headphone: 7 Features Audiophiles Adore

You can check out expert reviews of the Apos Caspian from Passion for Sound, Ryan Soo, and Home Studios Basics, but what do normal, everyday audiophiles think about it? We’ve rounded up reviews from Apos shoppers to see what they think. 

1. Comfort

“The Caspian offers comfort, reliability and good looks in a custom frame with Kennertons 50mm drivers. The sound is a fun V-shaped signature with deep controlled Bass and warm pleasant mids, highs are not harsh and you can listen for a long time without fatigue.”

-Apos shopper Greg S. 

2. Fun sound

“Bassy and fun sound, with a clean and dynamic presentation. Build quality is in par with this price point.”

-Apos shopper Fred S. 

3. Sound stage depth

“Depth. Depth. Depth. Wow, just wow! Sometimes I feel the soundstage on these has more depth than width, which is not something I was expecting. These don't sound narrow exactly, just average. The Zeus and the GL2000's feel like they can get a decent bit wider to my ears, but neither get close to hanging with the Caspians when it comes to depth. It really gives the soundstage a 3-dimensional feel and has made me go back and listen to a lot of songs I haven't heard in a while as these can bring life to songs that previously sounded flat or boring to me.”

-Apos shopper Forrest R. 

4. Great for rock

“The sound is wonderful. Before getting them, I used the Argon Mk 3 for rock and metal. These blow those out of the water. They're full and deep with excellent imaging. Vocal reproduction is way better than the Argons. Not as good as the 6xx, but I'll put it like this: when I listen to my Argons I'm acutely aware that the vocal reproduction sucks compared to the 6xx. The Caspians do vocals well enough that I'm not sitting there thinking about the 6xx the whole time. I'm 100% going to sell my argons now that I have these. Overall, I'd say that the sound is fun, non-bloated, full, engaging, well-extended. Nine Inch Nails have never sounded better.”

-Apos shopper Gardner

5. Construction quality

“Thus far the performance and sound quality have been great and the construction seems first rate!”

-Apos shopper Anthony P.

6. The pads

“Great pads, deep and satisfying sound. I go from my planars back to the Caspian. It's Rich. Feel it and add the Flow cable with a 4Read more about review stating Blind purchase and AWESOME!.4mm balanced. No one will have close to your super sound! I really like them and great case also! These sound incredible.”

-Apos shopper Slade S. 

7. Open and clear sound

“Well constructed. The sound is very open and clear. A bit on the bright side. Very satisfied with the product.”

-Apos shopper Adolfo C.