Meet the xDuoo TA-66 OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier

Where Classic Meets Contemporary

Exciting news for our audiophile community: the xDuoo TA-66 OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier has officially landed on our website. The xDuoo TA-66 draws inspiration from the golden age of tube amplification, bringing back the warm, rich sounds that audiophiles have cherished for decades. With its blend of retro and modern design elements, this amplifier is all about delivering that classic sound without compromising on the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect.

A closer look at the TA-66's features

  • Retro Engineering with a Modern Twist: The point-to-point wiring is a standout feature, offering a nod to traditional engineering methods. This approach minimizes signal interference, ensuring that the sound you hear is as pure and clear as possible. Plus, it makes the amp more reliable and easier to repair or modify if needed.
  • Volume Control, Redefined: Ever faced that annoying left-right imbalance at low volumes? The TA-66 tackles this head-on with its step-by-step volume potentiometer, giving you precise control over your listening experience at any volume level.
  • Designed for Durability and Quality: The aluminum alloy shell isn't just for looks. It provides a sturdy casing that protects against external interference, making sure that nothing gets in the way of your music. The sandblasted texture panel adds a touch of sophistication while enhancing durability.

Diving into the specs

  • It's equipped with a 6N2 tube for the pre-amp stage and a 6N5P tube for the buffer stage, contributing to its exceptional sound quality.
  • The OTL amplifier design, combined with point-to-point wiring, ensures minimal interference and a pure, uncolored sound.
  • It boasts a power source flexibility of AC 110V (100-120V) or 220V (220-240V), making it suitable for use in various regions.
  • With an output power of 200mW at a 300Ω load, a frequency range of 10Hz - 30kHz (±1dB), and an impressive SNR of 107dB, the TA-66 is designed to cater to a wide range of headphones and listening preferences.

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