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Budget IEM with crowd-pleasing tuning


Since 2015, Moondrop has developed an IEM lineup that encompasses every budget. The Blessing 2 and Starfield are rockstars at their respective price points, having commanded the attention of taste-makers and earned the nicknames “benchmark” and “budget king.” Now, the company’s back with a sub-$100 IEM, and we’re all ears. 

The Moondrop Aria is a Liquid Crystal Polymer IEM with a metal-injected chassis, brass inner cavity, and a crowd-pleasing Harman Curve tuning. For IEM aficionados and newcomers alike, this is a great choice for anyone wanting to dip a toe into Moondrop’s oeuvre without smashing the piggy bank. 

Fairy dusted upper frequencies

The Aria’s diaphragm is made of liquid crystal polymer (LCP), an inert and lightweight plastic that can output exceptionally high frequencies. Not only does it extend up to 35,000Hz, its treble production is both subtle and glittery. 

A durable delight

The Aria’s chassis will no doubt outlive many of the other IEMs you’ll find at this price point. Created through a complex process involving metal injection molding, CNC precision carving, and metal spraying, each earbud is a bona fide carapace of rugged metal. Durability: check. 

Harman Curve tuning

The Aria are tuned to the Harman Curve, allowing them to better mimic the lively sonic characteristics of loudspeakers. With punchy bass, sparkling treble, and recessed mids, they bring lackluster tracks back to life. 

Product highlights

    • Liquid crystal polymer diaphragm
    • Brass inner cavity
    • Multiple tuning holes
    • High frequency phased waveguide
    • N52 Neodymium magnet
    • 0.035mm CCAW voice coil
    • Patented anti-clogging filter
    • CNC carved processing
    • Matte metal spray


      • Driver unit: LCP liquid crystal diaphragm
      • Type: Dynamic
      • Diaphragm size: 10mm
      • Headphone socket: 0.78pin
      • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
      • Frequency response: 5Hz-36,000Hz
      • Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz

      What’s included

        • Moondrop Aria
        • Silver-plated cable w/ 0.78 dual-pin

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