10 Audiophile Favorites: xDuoo MT-602 Tube Amp Features

You can head to YouTube or Google for pro reviews of amps, but what do normal, everyday audiophiles think about the xDuoo MT-602? We've rounded up some top comments from Headfi, Reddit, and our very own website to give you a glimpse into what people are loving about this awesome little amp. 

1. Its tone texture

“Great thing is that texture was not sacrificed in the process. Vibrating bass strings sound like vibrating strings and not as a faceless sweet mass. This praise-worthy texture retrieval continues over the midrange section too. The upper midrange is actually the part responsible for that is open and textured sound. Because of it, listening to a saxophone, for example, is a joy.”

    -Headfier Aibo

2. Its power

“The MT-602 offers good power and was able to handle all but the most demanding headphones without any issues.”

    -Headfier Wiljen

3. Its use-everywhere-ability

“I see myself buying more than one for my home (one for my bedroom, one for my desk top and a third for my office)...”

    -Headfier John Massaria

4. Its compatibility with the Sennheiser 6XX

“The xDuoo MT-602 is a lot of fun playing around with! My Sennheiser HD-6xx headphones love this thing.”

    -Apos shopper Marc P

5. Its build quality

“The build quality is outstanding, which was a very nice surprise - It’s like a finely crafted little tank.”

    -Apos shopper Mischo K

6. Its compatibility with Grado and Beyerdynamic

“Bottom line: The sound quality with my Grado RS-1 and Beyer DT 1990 is excellent. I plan on trying different tubes and see how the sound is affected. So far, so good. Would buy again.”

    -Apos shopper Mischo K

7. Its pre-amp feature

“[Nice] as a pre amp for turntables into powered monitors. Gives the vinyl a bit more life.”

    -Apos shopper Aaron R

8. Its fun-factor

“Good looking, well built and FUN! An outstanding value!”

    -Apos shopper Steve G. 

9. Its sound stage

“Sound-staging....is as good as it gets at this price point. There’s a decent sense of width, but not much depth and three-dimensionality though. Layering is quite capable with enough air around instruments.”

    -Headfier Aibo

10. Its price

“You had me at $99”

    -Headfier John Massaria