Apos Audio Redesign: Our Refashioned Storefront


Last month we announced that Apos was embarking on a redesign project that we felt was appropriate given the changes and growth we had experienced over the last year and a half since our founding. We have gone from strength-to-strength in large part due to community involvement and loyal customers, so in addition to our most sincere thanks for helping us on our journey to become the number one ecommerce store for audiophiles here in America, we also like to share our thinking and decision-making with you as we grow and evolve.


We see not only Apos’ success but frankly our survival on being involved and responsive with our customers and community. Apos is a company that is made of audio enthusiasts, for audio enthusiasts. Doing well as a company and doing good by our customers is not a zero sum game; we see the two going hand-in-hand, like hot sauce & burritos or fried chicken n’ waffles.


We see the strength of this partnership we have formed with the audio community come through in the number of new customers we have gained and from the increase in readership for content we are publishing on our blog. We want Apos to be your one-stop shop for getting information, reading independent reviews, and purchasing high-end audio equipment. When you do make a purchase from Apos, you get quality products along with the peace of mind knowing we are a company that has your back. Without further ado, let’s check out the new changes!



The biggest change would be at the top of the website where we have more buttons on the navigation bar. On the left-hand side of the page, we have three buttons to the main categories of content that we publish on our blog: Product Releases, Product Reviews, and Apos Updates. We have a dedicated button to each content category to make navigating through the blog easier for you, and also because we host lots of content, so there is a decently sized library that you can now more easily review.


We made this change based upon a growing readership to the blog and overwhelming positive feedback. While our new product announcements keep you updated with the latest and greatest merchandise we’ve added to our inventory, many of you have told us that the reviews have been really helpful when you make a purchase decision. We will continue to syndicate as many reviews as we can, linking the specific product to that review so it’s easy for you to get an industry thought-leader’s perspective. We also like to keep you all updated with what’s happening behind the scenes and how we are handling current events, like the pandemic and US Postal Service slowdown, and how that relates to our logistics, so we will continue to share the back-office work in our monthly Apos Operations Updates.


On the right-hand side of the page we have another three buttons focused on our product offerings: Apos Ensembles, Brands, and Categories. Apos Ensembles are equipment bundles that have been specially put together by our expert team, bringing you a combination of audio equipment that works harmoniously together, and providing you with considerable savings. You can read more about Apos Ensembles here.



The Categories button allows you to select the various product types that we offer (e.g., amps or headphones) and we have dedicated more space to each of these different categories for easier navigation. The Brands section is a much better showcase of our partnerships than what we previously displayed. We wanted to present a full list of those we currently work with in an easily viewable and navigable way. A red dot is next to the brands that are the most popular amongst customers, again in an effort to make your user-experience easier when navigating our website.


We’ve also revamped the bottom of the website with a more structured footer. We did this for two main reasons: first, to show our reinvestment in service as we grow; second, because aesthetics are important. C’mon, even you’ve put on a nice shirt for important video calls, but still wear pajama bottoms at home. You don’t? Oh of course not, neither do we….



We have a proud connection to the San Francisco Bay Area and (spoiler!) our unique red colorways are inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, as you can now easily see. As for the more navigable options available to customers, affiliates, press, and future employees, we wanted to make it easy and structured for those who visit the website to get where they want to go as we grow as a company.


We continuously reinvest our earnings in various ways to better serve customers and community, whether that is additional team members who can more readily reply to your customers service queries or opting for free premium shipping. As we grow as a company, we want that growth to be scalable and easily navigable for everyone who visits our website. We allocate our resources to serve you all better, especially our customers.


We hope you find the new website more intuitive, easier to navigate, and of course, prettier to look at. It’s all for you, after all. We will be in touch with more updates as we finalize the redesign project, but you can always reach out to us with a live chat here online or you can email us directly at “support@apos.audio.” It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Until next time...live long and prosper.