What Tube Amps Are Compatible with the Apos Ray Tubes?

Your Guide to Apos Ray Tube Amp Compatibility 

As an audiophile, compatibility is key when it comes to choosing equipment for your audio setup. You want components that harmonize, delivering the exquisite audio quality you crave. To help guide your selection, we've put together a comprehensive list of tube amps that are compatible with the Apos Ray Vacuum Tubes.

Apos Ray Vacuum Tube 12AU7

Finding the right amplifier to pair with your Apos Ray Tubes can truly enhance your audio experience. Here are some amplifiers that pair excellently with our 12AU7 tubes:

  • xDuoo TA-20 
  • xDuoo TA-10R
  • xDuoo TA-22
  • xDuoo TA-30
  • xDuoo MT-603
  • xDuoo MU-603
  • Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (3rd Gen)
  • Woo Audio WA7e Fireflies for Electrostatic Headphones
  • Woo Audio WAtp (Tube Power Supply)
  • Manley Audio Absolute
  • Bottlehead Crack 1.1 OTL
  • Bravo V2, V3
  • Bravo Ocean
  • Little Dot MK2, MK3, MK4
  • Original OPA-2A, OPTA-3A
  • Cayin HA-1a MK2
  • Cayin HA-3A
  • Cocktail Audio HA500H

This is not a comprehensive list.