Audio Science Review Reviews the TOPPING E50 DAC

This is a product review of the TOPPING E50 DAC, which is available for sale now on Apos.

This review was originally written and published on Audio Science Review by Amir Majidimehr on August 31st, 2021.

This is a review and detailed measurements of the new Topping E50 balanced USB DAC. It was sent to me by the company and costs US $269. I just reviewed its companion headphone amplifier, the Topping L50.

The E50 takes my favorite orange LED display and makes it even nicer!

Topping E50 Review DAC Balanced USB.jpg

It is a gorgeous bright orange display. A single button turns the unit on and cycles through the inputs. You also get a remote control:

Topping E50 Review DAC back panel Balanced USB.jpg

As you see, power is provided through a 5 volt barrel connector. Topping provides a USB to barrel cable adapter so you can use any USB power supply.

As with more recent Topping products, it uses TRS output for balanced output instead of XLR which takes up a lot more space.

Topping E50 Measurements
As usual we start without dashboard. Let's test the balanced output with USB input:

Topping E50 DAC Measurements Balanced USB.png

Another exemplary performance from Topping, landing it almost at top of all DACs ever tested:

best USB DAC reviewed.png

RCA output is nearly as good:

Topping E50 DAC Measurements RCA USB.png

Noise performance is excellent as well:

Topping E50 DAC Measurements Dynamic Range RCA USB.png

Linearity is as perfect as you can get:

Topping E50 DAC Linearity Measurements Balanced USB.png

IMD performance is excellent:

Topping E50 DAC IMD Measurements Balanced USB.png

I see a hint of ESS dac chip IMD hump. I wonder if that is what powers it.

Multitone performance is superb with almost no frequency dependency:

Topping E50 DAC Multitone Measurements Balanced USB.png

Jitter over USB is perfect:

Topping E50 DAC jitter Measurements Balanced USB.png

It degrades just a hair over Toslink/Coax:

Topping E50 DAC Jitter toslink coax Measurements Balanced USB.png

There are three filers available:

Topping E50 DAC Filter Measurements Balanced USB.png

They impact our THD+N vs frequency thusly:

Topping E50 DAC THD+N vs freq Measurements Balanced USB.png

What can I say but another star performance from Topping. Company is so focused on squeezing every bit of noise and distortion out of these products while providing them to us at bargain prices. And in this case, great looks as well. I wish I could complain about something but nothing comes to mind.