Best In Iconoclast: The All-New FiiO FH5s Semi-Open IEMs 


The FiiO FH5s breaks with tradition for an all-new IEM experience. Where most IEMs are closed-back, the FH5s is semi-open. Where most IEMs confine you to one tuning signature, the FH5s gives you options. Eight of them. Get ready for subverted expectations. Get ready for something completely different. 

Product highlights

  • Semi-open design

  • Three tuning switches

  • 2 Balanced armatures

  • 2 dynamic beryllium-coated drivers

  • CNC-machined aluminum

  • TRISHELL acoustic design

  • 3 types of swappable earphone plugs

  • Expanded MMXC connector

  • Litz Type 2 braided cable 


Hear more with semi-open back design


Suit your sound with tuning switches 


CNC-machined aluminum-magnesium chassis for lightweight, long-lasting, improved sound

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