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It’s 2022. The announcement of a planar magnetic IEM may still turn a few heads, but it’s not the headline it was a few years ago. It’s gonna take more than that to wow us these days, right? Well, how about a planar magnetic IEM that’s only $109.99?

The Moondrop Stellaris is the brand-new member of the much-loved Moondrop Starfield family. It boasts a 14.5mm planar magnetic driver, a spectacularly engineered transducer, and an iridescent shell. Moondrop has tuned the Stellaris to their VDSF target response.

It comes with a set of UC Silicone ear tips developed by Softears. These liquid silicone tips fit more snugly in the ears than ordinary silicone ear-tips, ensuring improved bass performance that nevertheless doesn’t bleed into the mid-range or treble.

Product highlights

  • 14.5mm planar driver
  • Miniature magnet array
  • Sub-nanometer diaphragm 
  • Iridescent shell
  • UC Silicone ear tips
  • VDSF target response tuning

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