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Enhance Your Music on the Move

We’re ecstatic about the new FiiO Q7 Portable Desktop-Class DAC/Amp. While it’s only 6” on its longest side, it boasts desktop-level power, a THX amplifier, and an ESS SABRE DAC chip, making it an undeniable solution for digital nomads, frequent travelers, or anyone who simply needs to save space. 

The Q7 features two power modes: portable and desktop. In portable mode, it outputs 1500mW, which is plenty for most headphones, while in desktop mode it gets a 100% boost, outputting 3000mW of power.

Connectivity is no issue for the Q7. With inputs for Bluetooth 5.0, USB, optical, and coaxial, you can connect a PC, laptop, tablet, or peripherals like CD players. And with two single-ended outputs, two balanced outputs, and a line out, you can connect any number of IEMs, full-sized headphones, or output to another amplifier.

At the heart of the Q7 is FiiO’s self-developed digital core center. Powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor, it handles clock management, USB decoding, and optical decoding, all the while keeping the analog and digital sections physically separated on different boards (and covered with electromagnetic shields) to ensure desktop-level audio. 

Product highlights

  • 3000mW output power
  • Fully-balanced THX AAA 788+ amplifier 
  • Dual portable/desktop power supply modes
  • Numerous inputs and outputs
  • High-end XMOS XU316 + ES9038PRO + QCC5124 configuration
  • Self-developed digital control core
  • Next-gen mech design
  • 1.3” color IPS display
  • Multiple intelligent protection systems 
  • MQA

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