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Sonic Bliss Redefined

We’re excited to announce the release of Meze’s first dynamic open-back headphone. The 109 PRO uses a 50mm dynamic driver and acoustically transparent “spider web” shaped vents. 

Designing and tuning a driver of this size is never easy, and Meze had to focus their R&D efforts on researching the right materials to achieve a balance between diaphragm mass and stiffness. Otherwise, the sonic abilities of the headphone would suffer. They eventually developed a Dual Membrane Diaphragm, which uses a combination of Beryllium-coated polymer, cellulose, carbon fiber composite, and copper-zinc alloy. 

While the driver tech and acoustic vents are innovations for the Romanian company, the materials and aesthetic are classic Meze. The shape is straight out of the 99 Classics’ playbook, while the materials–velour ear pads, walnut ear cups, and vegan leather headband–add up to a lightweight and comfortable package that you can wear for hours. 

Product highlights

  • Dynamic open-back circumaural headphone
  • Dual membrane diaphragm
  • Easy to drive
  • Dark walnut ear cups
  • Vegan leather headband
  • Velour ear pads

Head on over to the Meze 109 PRO Dynamic Open-Back Headphones product page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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