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Enter the Void

Thanks to a wildly successful run of IEMs like the Blessing 2, Aria, and Starfield, the Moondrop name has become synonymous with IEMs. But the company wants to change that. Today, they’re releasing their first full-size headphone, the VOID.

Moondrop spent three years researching and developing this open-back headphone, doing everything at their disposal to wrestle the massive 50mm driver beneath the company’s philosophical banners of high efficiency and budget friendliness.

They tested numerous magnetic circuit structures and conducted stress tests using FEA simulation. Through this process, they finally designed an internal magnetic circuit that is both efficient and evenly manages vibrations across each part of the diaphragm.

And they did it all themselves. In a time when many headphone designers are farming out manufacturing to OEM factories, Moondrop completed every step of the process–-from research to production–-themselves. They manufactured and assembled the VOID in their factory in the western suburbs of Chengdu. 

We at Apos are massive fans of Moondrop (we may or may not be listening to the Aria Snow as we write this), and so it’s no surprise that we’re excited for this release. Scroll on for details and glamor shots. 

Product highlights

  • Moondrop’s first full-size headphone
  • 50mm dynamic driver 
  • Open-back design 
  • Lightweight design 
  • 3.5mm single-ended cable

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