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Power amplifiers are a noisy bunch in more ways than one. Obviously they produce a lot of good noise when they’re amplifying speakers, but they also produce a lot of bad noise, too, in the form of THD+N (total harmonic distortion + noise). This bad noise sounds like a hissing sound when you pause the music and turn the volume of the speakers up.

Historically, audiophiles have understood that with great power comes with great responsibility, er, great noise. A typical power amplifier will have a THD+N of anywhere between 0.0008% and 0.01%. But what if that were all about to change?

The TOPPING LA90 is a power amplifier that’s quite frankly changing the game. It boasts a THD+N of 0.00007%--which is as low as some DACs!–yet still keeps the power flowing to the tune of 110W x 2 @4Ω.

Blink blink.

Yeah. That’s powerful. And…basically noiseless. We’re all ears.

Product highlights

  • 110W x 2 @4Ω 
  • 0.00007% THD+N
  • 140dB SNR
  • 2-step gain setting
  • Built-in heat sink
  • Mono and stereo modes
  • 3 x XLR / TRS inputs

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