Buy the TOPPING SR2 Aluminum Rack on Apos Audio

Simplify and Streamline Your Setup

If your collection of TOPPING gear has been growing lately, you’ll be excited to hear that TOPPING has just released an aluminum rack to organize, store, and display it all. The SR2 Aluminum Rack is, as the name implies, made entirely of aluminum, making it plenty strong enough to store all of TOPPING’s full-sized gear, like the D90 series, A90 series, and even the large LA90 power amplifier.

What we love about the SR2 is that it’s modular. You can use any number of the three shelves that the unit ships with, or, if those aren’t enough, you can just get a second SR2 and stack it on top of the first for up to six shelves. The aluminum spacer rods are also modular. Just screw two of them together to give a shelf area double the height. This makes it easy to accommodate big pieces like the LA90 Power amp.

Product highlights

  • All-aluminum design
  • Shock-absorbing, non-slip foot pads
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • Modular (stack multiple SR2 units)
  • Fits a huge variety of TOPPING models:
    • TOPPING D90 series
    • TOPPING A90 series
    • TOPPING Pre90
    • TOPPING U90
    • TOPPING LA90
    • TOPPING DX7 Pro
    • TOPPING DX7 Pro+
    • TOPPING D30 Pro
    • TOPPING A30 Pro

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