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Unleash Audiophile-Grade Sound with SPDIF

All-in-one DACs are the Swiss Army knives of the audio world. Outfitted with a huge swathe of inputs and outputs, they can fulfill the needs of most setups. The downside is their high price tags make them infeasible for situations when you need a DAC to solve just one specific issue. Say, for instance, you want a DAC for your TV, game console, or Blu-Ray player. That’s where a DAC like the all-new xDuoo MU-602 is ideal.

The xDuoo MU-602 is a 24-bit DAC with coaxial and optical inputs and two AUX outputs. It has no USB input. At only $109, it’s the perfect solution for upgrading the audio of your TV, set-top box, Blu Ray or DVD player, gaming console, or PC (with SPDIF output). 

While this is a set-it-and-forget type of device, it does include bass and treble EQ knobs, which allow you to add or subtract 12dB and bump the bass during an action movie or boost the treble for extra clarity. It can also be used to course correct the EQ of active speakers.

Product highlights

  • 24-bit/192kHz
  • Bass and treble EQ knobs
  • Independent volume
  • Two RCA outputs
  • Sand-blasted aluminum alloy shell

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