FiiO Brand Now Available on Apos Audio

Explore Fiio's Sonic Arsenal

Apos Audio is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized reseller here in the US for FiiO products and the collection is available for sale now, including the extremely popular M11Pro DAP and its bigger cousin the M15 DAPAs with all purchases, when you buy from us you get the Apos Promise for Free Priority Shipping, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, a 45-Day Return Policy, and our 30-Day Lowest Price Match.





Coming onto the scene in 2007, FiiO has made quite the name for itself in the Chi-Fi arena, especially with their DAPs and DAP/Amps. While the brand is well-penetrated throughout its home market in China and the rest of Asia, they remain less well known in Europe and America outside of audiophile groups. By partnering with Apos we hope to help change that and bring their products to new audiences here on our turf!


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