FiiO BTR15 DAC/Amp Reviews Compendium

Audiophiles Can’t Stop Talking About the FiiO BTR15 – Here’s Why

We know you. You’re a cool audio person on the move! You’re bouncing between coffee shops and work. You’re hitting up record stores where you performatively pull out cool records you already own. “I own this one,” you say to anyone within earshot (no one’s paying attention to you). “I own it and I love it.” You’ve got your trusty headphones, but you’re tired of compromising on sound quality just because you’re not tethered to a home setup. Enter the FiiO BTR15 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp—a pocket-sized hero that makes sure your music sounds top-notch wherever you are. With dual-core processing, MQA support, and a global parametric EQ, it’s like having your personal sound engineer tagging along. Plus, it’s built like a tank and looks slick, so you won’t be embarrassed pulling it out in public. 

Now, we know you’re too busy (or maybe just too lazy) to dig through countless reviews to see if this thing’s worth it. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured the internet’s top audiophile haunts to bring you the best, most brutally honest takes on the BTR15. Spoiler alert: it’s getting a lot of love. So kick back, crack open a cold one, and let us give you the lowdown on why this little DAC/Amp is making waves.

From Porta.Fi’s review of the FiiO BTR15 Portable DAC/Amp, first published on January 11th, 2024:

“Better amplification, control, and details than its predecessors.”

From Headfonia’s review of the FiiO BTR15 Portable DAC/Amp, first published on December 16th, 2023:

“Solid sound quality, a great feature set, and an excellent design, all at accessible pricing. This is an example of value for money that is hard to ignore in my book.

“Beyond aesthetics and performance, the BTR15 has features that appeal to a wide range of users, from its wireless and wired capabilities to its convenient car mode and app-based customization options.

“For those looking for quality audio on the move without a hefty price tag, the BTR15 is solid proof of FiiO’s years of Bluetooth know-how. FiiO has once again raised the bar, offering a device that not only meets but exceeds expectations. FiiO BTR15 will replace FiiO BTR5 2021 on our list of best wireless gear recommendations!

From Headfonics’ review of the FiiO BTR15 Portable DAC/Amp, first published on December 9th, 2023:

“The FiiO BTR15 not only fulfills the long-awaited desire for a 4.4mm version of the BTR5, but it also exceeds expectations with improved output power and functionalities.

“Its ability to power sensitive headphones effectively while delivering pleasing tonality and quality, combined with the flexibility of parametric equalizers, makes it a true audio Goliath.”

From Major Hifi’s review of the FiiO BTR15 Portable DAC/Amp, first published on November 24th, 2023:

“For $120, the FiiO BTR15 checks all the right boxes. With tons of power and a clean, detailed delivery, the BTR15 is the perfect device for audiophiles who want Bluetooth on-the-go, but just can’t part with their beloved wired headphones. The microphone adds even more flexibility on your hi-fi commute to work, allowing you to make calls without switching devices. Finally, considering the fantastic resolution it delivers via USB connection, the BTR15 is also a great addition to your desktop arrangement.”


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