FiiO K19 Flagship Desktop DAC/Amp

Meet the FiiO K19: FiiO’s Flagship Desktop DAC/Amp for Audiophiles

Introducing the FiiO K19, the flagship desktop DAC/Amp from FiiO, engineered to transform your desktop into a studio-quality listening station. Featuring dual ESS 8-channel ES9039SPRO DAC chips and a robust 8-channel THX AAA 788+ amplifier, the K19 delivers crystal-clear audio and powerful output for any headphones. It’s equipped with ACCUSILICON AS318-B femtosecond crystal oscillators for precise timing, reducing audio distortion across its extensive connectivity options, including HDMI/ARC. The K19 supports a wide range of audio formats and inputs, making it a versatile hub for all your audiovisual needs. Wrapped in a sleek, die-cast unibody aluminum frame, the K19 combines durability with an elegant design, ensuring it looks as good as it sounds. Whether you're editing, mixing, or just enjoying your favorite tracks, the K19 is designed to bring out the best in your library. 

Dual DAC Chips for Super Clear Sound

At the heart of the K19 are two ESS 8-channel ES9039SPRO DAC chips. Why two DACs and why eight channels each? This setup is particularly beneficial because it allows for better channel separation and less interference between channels. In audio terms, ‘crosstalk’ is when an audio signal leaks from one channel to another, which can blur the clarity and place of instruments or vocals in a recording. With a dual 8-channel setup, the K19 effectively minimizes this crosstalk, ensuring that the channels remain distinct and interference-free. 

Powerful Amp That Handles Any Headphones

With an 8-channel THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier design, the K19 can drive all kinds of headphones with ease. The THX amp chips are strategically arranged in parallel within 2x2 groups. This configuration forms a balanced, 4-channel amplification system. Such a balanced system is key for a couple of reasons. First, it helps to maintain equal power distribution across all channels, which is crucial for achieving precise audio reproduction without distortion. It also means that each earcup of your headphones receives an equally powerful and clean signal, preserving the stereo image and enhancing the overall soundstage. Plus, the high-power output of up to 8000mW + 8000mW at a 32Ω load ensures that even headphones that require a lot of power to perform well are driven adequately, allowing them to produce their best possible sound. 

Tweak Your Sound with a High-End EQ

Here’s something cool: the K19 has a 31-band high-precision parametric equalizer. Basically that means you can adjust the sound in very specific ways without losing audio quality. Boost the bass, taper off the treble—all without quality loss or clipping. 

Ultra-Precise Timing with Femtosecond Oscillators

Femtosecond oscillators are about as high-tech as they sound. They deal with timing down to one quadrillionth of a second. This extreme precision means your music playback is about as accurate as it can get, keeping everything in perfect sync. This precision ensures that every note of your music is played at just the right time, reducing any possible distortion that can occur when timings are off. While this kind of distortion isn't always noticeable, it can absolutely make your music sound less clear, “off”, or “smeared”.

Standout Features of the FiiO K19

  • Innovative 31-band high-precision lossless PEQ

  • DEL technology for dynamic sound effects

  • ADI ADSP-21565 DSP chip with SHARC+ core

  • Dual ESS 8-channel ES9039SPRO DAC chips

  • 8-channel THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier

  • Dual ACCUSILICON high-performance femtosecond crystal oscillators

  • High-quality digital audio processing architecture

  • Fully balanced design for pure audio signals

  • Die-cast unibody aluminum alloy construction

  • Supports HDMI/ARC for immersive audiovisual experiences

  • Separated and shielded circuit boards to minimize interference

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