Apos Members Aisle

We at Apos Audio have been so grateful for the enthusiastic support of our customers since the day we opened our proverbial doors. It’s a thrill serving those who are as passionate about audio as we are. To show our appreciation, we’ve opened a new portion of the site entirely for you. 

Apos Members Aisle is an area of the site where you’ll find refurbished items and special deals on brand-new items. Only limited quantities of each item are available, and products will be automatically marked as sold out when their inventory is gone. 

What you'll find on the aisle

Apos Specials

Apos Specials are brand new, final sale products exclusively available on Apos Members Aisle. We work with our brands to get these special offers for our members. These products are eligible for a full manufacturer's warranty but they are not eligible for the Apos one-Year Transferable Warranty.

Apos Certified

Apos Certified products are refurbished items ready for a second life with a new owner. They’ve been certified by us as high-quality like-new products. They’re final sale and carry an Apos Certified One-year Warranty.

How to access to aisle

Apos Members Aisle is accessible to all US customers with an Apos account. If you have an account, you already have access. If you don’t have an Apos account, all you have to do is create one! Once you’re set, come browse the Apos Certified and Apos Specials.