Matrix Element Streamers Now Support Spotify Connect

Earlier this year, Spotify announced that they’ll be providing lossless audio streaming at some point in the nearish future. We were excited that the world’s most popular streaming platform would make it easy for the average person to experience lossless music for a number of reasons. One: 24-bit for all! Two: Maybe we could start saying things like “24-bit for all!” in public without all the weird looks. (This hasn’t turned out to be true.)

Although Spotify’s lossless plans haven’t come to fruition yet, the audio gear makers of the world have started making preparations. Matrix Audio recently released an update that enables Spotify Connect to be used with their Element series streamers. This includes the Element X, Element P, Element M, and Element I.

Unlike TIDAL and Qobuz integration, which require the user to connect to those services through the Matrix app, Spotify can be played through your Matrix device by opening the Spotify app, finding the Matrix product in the “Device Picker,” and selecting the device. Read more about the firmware update on Matrix’s website.

If all this streaming talk has gotten you curious, check out our Matrix Audio Element streamers below.

Matrix Element X - $3,419

Matrix Element P - $2,869

Matrix Element M - $2,049

Matrix Element I - $1,149