Meet the HIFIMAN EF499 DAC/Amp

Streamlining Your Audio Life

The world of digital music is vast and ever-expanding. The HIFIMAN EF499 makes it easy to navigate this world, offering seamless integration with all types of sources. Enjoy direct streaming from your portable devices or streaming services, and for those who’ve created their own curated collections, the EF499 provides effortless playback from NAS drives.

Organic Sound with R2R

The EF499 is equipped for the future of digital music while its sound signature is grounded in the past. At the core of the EF499 is its R2R (resistor-to-resistor) architecture. Unlike the delta-sigma chips found in most DACs on the market, this precision resistor network delivers a sound that’s not only warm and full-range but also deeply organic and immersive. It’s a sound that harkens back to the golden era of analog sound. 

Empowering Your Headphones

With a robust 4.35 watts per channel, the EF499 ensures that your headphones, no matter how power-hungry, are driven with precision. 

Lean on Me

Beyond its sonic capabilities, the EF499's vertical design serves a dual purpose as a convenient headphone stand. 

Product Highlights

  • Versatility at Its Core: From streaming to direct NAS drive playback, the EF499 adapts to your listening preferences.
  • R2R Architecture: Experience sound that's warm, enveloping, and as close as you can get to analog, without the vinyl.
  • Powerful Output: 4.35 Watts per channel to bring even the most demanding headphones to life.
  • Dual Functionality: Not just an audio powerhouse, but also a stylish stand for your headphones.

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