Modernizing the WhiteFox: Part 1

Modernizing the WhiteFox Eclipse: Why It Deserved an Update

In our previous blog post, we were excited to give you a preview of the journey that led to the WhiteFox Eclipse, highlighting the design choices and functionalities that make this keyboard more than just a peripheral, but a tool for creators. Today, we're equally excited to present you with the first part of a two-part series aimed at modernizing the WhiteFox.

Fueled by our own frustrations and limitations with existing keyboards, we at Alpaca Keyboards embarked on a mission to build our dream keyboard—a keyboard that doesn’t just meet but exceeds the multifaceted needs of modern creators. The result is the WhiteFox Eclipse: a marvel of customization, ease of use, and cutting-edge features that revolutionizes the keyboard experience.

Simplifying Life with Magnetic Assembly: Effortless Keyboard Care

We've all been there—cursing under our breath as we try to maneuver a screwdriver into the tiny nooks and crannies of our keyboard to clean it or swap out a component. And then there's the heart-stopping moment when you accidentally spill coffee, crumbs, or worse into your keyboard. A simple maintenance task becomes a complex, high-stakes operation that risks damaging the very thing you're trying to preserve. This inconvenience often leads to neglect, transforming your precious keyboard into a grimy, underperforming mess replete with sticky keys and an aroma of regret.

Say hello to the game-changing magnetic assembly of the WhiteFox Eclipse. Now, you can effortlessly disassemble your keyboard without the need for tools, screws, or the fear of damaging delicate parts. Imagine taking apart your keyboard as easily as building LEGO bricks—lift, clean, replace, and snap back into place. It’s an end to the grueling maintenance marathons and the dawn of a refreshingly hassle-free keyboard experience.

And the magic doesn't stop there. The magnetic assembly also makes the WhiteFox Eclipse incredibly modular. Want to switch up the aesthetics or ergonomics? No problem. Go ahead and effortlessly swap out cases to match your mood or needs—be it low profile, high profile, plastic, or machined aluminum. The adaptability lets you tailor your keyboard to your preferences, all without breaking a sweat. 

Seamless Design: An Aesthetic that Grows with You

While lots of keyboards on the market focus on aggressive designs catered to a gaming audience, many of us are looking for an understated aesthetic suitable for a range of environments, from home offices to work spaces. 

The WhiteFox Eclipse boasts a seamless, sleek design that exudes sophistication. Without the need for flashy aesthetics or overt complexity, it lets the quality of its materials, the thoughtfulness in color selection, and the finesse of its font do the talking. It seamlessly integrates with various aesthetics, offering a grown-up look that says you mean business, whether it's in a professional or creative workspace. Plus, as a fully modular and customizable keyboard, its design serves as the ideal platform for self-expression, allowing you to imbue it with your unique aesthetic. 

Why Our RGB Lighting is More Than Just a Light Show

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting allows for a customizable spectrum of colors to illuminate your keyboard. However, not all RGB experiences are created equal. There are two ends of the RGB lighting spectrum that leave you dissatisfied. On one end, most keyboards offer RGB lighting that’s like a fireworks show with a mind of its own—spectacular yet irrelevant to your needs or mood. It's as if your keyboard is throwing a party but forgot to invite you. On the other end, the absence of RGB lighting results in a dull and uninspiring visual experience—just another piece of hardware, devoid of life. 

The WhiteFox Eclipse gives you control over your RGB lighting, making it a functional and expressive part of your setup. You can set different colors for different layers to streamline your workflow or highlight the WASD keys in a bold color for gaming. Choose from various lighting effects, like strobes or waves, that add a dynamic layer to your workspace. And if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, you can opt for a simple, clean white.

Why Standardized Keycaps Mean More Freedom for You

Imagine scrolling through pages of stunning custom keycaps online—artisan designs, themes that match your personality, colors that fit your aesthetic. You're ready to invest in a set that catches your eye, but then reality hits: your keyboard's non-standard layout means those keycaps won't fit. It's like finding the perfect outfit but realizing it's not made in your size. You're forced to settle for a less appealing option, one that fits your keyboard but not your vision. And just like that your ability to express yourself is constrained by hardware limitations.

Enter the WhiteFox Eclipse with its redesigned 68-key layout, complete with an added column. This is a design philosophy that combines the best of both worlds—standardization and individuality. Now, you're no longer restricted to certain sets; you have the freedom to choose from any keycaps available on the market. Want to switch to a seasonal autumn theme? Go ahead. Fancy an artisan set that reflects your favorite video game? No problem. This flexibility is an open invitation to let your personality shine through your hardware, without any compromises.


At Team Alpaca Keyboards, our guiding star is a vision, not a budget sheet. We're committed to engineering the ultimate Keyboard for Creators—a keyboard that's not only versatile, reliable, and customizable, but also deeply attuned to your needs for creativity and productivity. 

This post is the second in our series documenting the WhiteFox Eclipse's journey to fulfillment. Up next, we have some exciting topics lined up for you:

  1. Modernizing the WhiteFox Part 2: Explore the WhiteFox’s Bluetooth capabilities, hot-swap functionality, flexplate design, and advancements in noise reduction. 
  2. Software Synergy: Get the scoop on the proprietary firmware that makes the WhiteFox Eclipse a breeze to set up on both Mac and PC, right out of the box.
  3. The Aluminum Odyssey: Learn about the intricate process of adding machined aluminum cases to our Kickstarter campaign and the months we spent perfecting them.
  4. The Eclipse Ecosystem: Find out how we’re planning to take the WhiteFox Eclipse from a one-off product to a continually evolving ecosystem.

So stick around, because the WhiteFox Eclipse's story is far from complete—and we can't wait to share the next chapters with you.

Team Alpaca Keyboards