New from HIFIMAN: Mini Shangri-La Headphone System

Introducing the Mini Shangri-La Headphone System

Alright, audiophiles, let’s talk Shangri-La. No, not the paradise of legend, but the line of electrostatic headphone systems from HIFIMAN. If you’ve been eyeing the Shangri-La series, you probably know about the top-tier models—the Shangri-La Jr.. and the original Shangri-La—which come with eye-watering price tags between $8000 and $50,000​. Those systems are the supercars of the headphone world: incredible, luxurious, and not exactly within reach for most of us.

Enter the Mini Shangri-La. Priced at $2,300, this newcomer is the more budget-friendly sibling that still packs a punch​​. It’s more like a high-performance sports car than a supercar—still thrilling, but without requiring a second mortgage to purchase.

So what’s the Mini Shangri-La all about?

At its core, the Mini Shangri-La is a full electrostatic headphone system featuring a nano-thickness diaphragm. This fancy term translates to a super responsive sound that reveals details in your music you’ve probably never heard before. The diaphragm is also coated with nano particles, which keeps your sound crystal clear.

The system includes a solid-state amplifier that ditches the old-school transformer for direct voltage from power output transistors. This means you get clean, detailed audio without the usual hums and distortions. Plus, the fully balanced design of the amplifier’s input and output stages makes sure your sound is immersive and spot-on.

We’re selling the Mini Shangri-La Headphone system for $2300. If you’d like to buy them separately, we’re selling the amplifier for $1,500 and the headphones for $1,100

Product Highlights

  • Electrostatic Headphone System: Equipped with a nano-thickness diaphragm for fast, responsive sound.
  • Nano Particle Coating: Keeps your audio clear and stable, no matter the environment.
  • Nanometer Protection Layer: Shields your headphones from humidity, dust, and other environmental nasties.
  • All Solid-State Amplifier: Uses direct voltage from power output transistors for clean, uncluttered sound.
  • Linear Power Supply & Discrete Filter System: Reduces distortion to keep your audio pure.
  • Fully Balanced Design: Ensures superior audio performance in both input and output stages.


  • Frequency Response: 7Hz – 90kHz
  • Bias Voltage: 550V-650V
  • Headphone Weight: 11.3 oz (320.2 g)
  • Amplifier Weight: 12.8 lbs (5.82 kg)
  • Amplifier Dimensions: 10″ x 9.9″ x 3.7″ (255 x 251 x 93 mm)

So, if you’re in the market for headphones that bring your music to life with a little extra flair, the Mini Shangri-La might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Give it a listen—you might never go back to your old setup.