New From SMSL: A200 Power Amplifier 

The Amp Your Speakers Have Been Dreaming About

Meet the SMSL A200 Power Amplifier. This sleek, compact beast packs a punch with Germany Infineon’s silicon carbide digital amplifier chips, delivering 70W x2 of pure sonic bliss at up to 92% efficiency. It's the amp that’ll make your speakers swoon and your neighbors envious. It’s priced at $269. 

The Connection Buffet

Whether you're a Bluetooth buff or an old-school cable connoisseur, the A200 has you covered. Bluetooth, optical fiber, coaxial, HDMI audio, USB, line input—you name it, the A200 handles it. Want to stream wirelessly? Go for it. Prefer the vintage feel of cables? Plug it in, baby. The A200 makes setting up a breeze.

Bluetooth 5.0: Get Lazy

Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to Bluetooth 5.0. Stream your favorite tunes from across the room without any fuss. It’s efficient, reliable, and makes you look like you know what you’re doing (even if you don't).

HDMI ARC: Simplify Your Setup

Three magic letters—HDMI ARC—mean you can kiss those tangled cables goodbye. One cable is all it takes to send audio from your TV to the A200, supporting high-quality formats like Dolby Digital and DTS. Your movies and games will sound just as epic as they look. Plug it in and let the A200 handle the rest.

Smooth Transitions, No Pops

Switching inputs shouldn’t sound like the Fourth of July. With the A200’s pop sound control circuit, those obnoxious loud pops are a thing of the past. Enjoy smooth, seamless transitions between inputs without the ear-piercing surprises.

Why You'll Love It

  • Two Infineon silicon carbide digital amplifier chips: Top-notch efficiency and sound quality.
  • Up to 92% efficiency: Great sound without guzzling energy.
  • Multiple input options: Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, HDMI, USB, line input.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Easy, efficient wireless connections.
  • HDMI ARC: Simplify your home entertainment setup.
  • Adjustable bass and treble: Customize your sound.
  • Pop sound control: Smooth input transitions.
  • Compact design: Fits anywhere.

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