New from xDuoo: MH-02 DAC & Tube Headphone Amplifier 

Where Tube Warmth Meets Digital Cool

Ah, the quest for the perfect sound. It's like searching for Bigfoot—elusive, but oh-so-rewarding when you finally find it. Not that we’ve found Bigfoot. We promise (sweats nervously). Moving on. Here’s the xDuoo MH-02 DAC & Tube Headphone Amplifier! This little powerhouse combines the best of old-school tube charm and modern digital muscle! 

Tube Charm + Transistor Oomph = Audio Nirvana

Imagine a world where the soulful warmth of tube amplification meets the crisp, detailed transients of a Class-A transistor buffer. The xDuoo MH-02 makes that dream a reality. This hybrid amp delivers music the way it’s meant to be heard—warm, rich mids combined with treble that sparkles with detail.

USB DAC Decoding: High-Res Heaven

Plug in the MH-02 and get ready for an earful (in a good way). This little dude decodes high-res audio up to PCM 32-bit/384kHz, DSD256, and MQA 32-bit/384kHz from any device you’ve got lying around. Thanks to the CS43131 DAC chip, you get crystal-clear decoding. Whether you're streaming Tidal, spinning your favorite records, or binge-watching the latest show, the MH-02 has got you covered.

Hybrid Moments

All hail the hybrid amp. The MH-02’s double 6J1 tubes give you that smooth, warm sound that makes everything feel like a lazy Sunday morning. The transistors, on the other hand, bring the muscle, with a Class-A buffer that delivers both low-end oomph and high-end sparkle. It’s like putting a rocket engine in your grandma’s Buick.

Gain Switch: Dial It In

Got finicky headphones? No worries. The MH-02 has a gain switch that lets you tweak the output to match your headphones’ impedance. High gain, low gain—just flip the switch and you’re set. It’s like having a personal sound technician at your fingertips.

Line Out: Ready for Anything

Need a pre-amp for your gear? The MH-02 has a line out that runs through the tube stage and is controlled by the volume knob. Hook it up to your amps or active speakers and hear your sound quality jump up a notch. Your audio setup just got a serious upgrade.

Product Highlights

  • USB DAC support up to PCM 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256
  • Hybrid amplification with double 6J1 tubes and Class-A transistor buffer
  • Strong output power (1300mW) for a wide range of headphones
  • Gain switch for high and low gain settings
  • Line out for use as a pre-amplifier
  • High-grade Japanese ELNA and Rubycon capacitors
  • Built-in protection circuit to avoid POP noise
  • Sleek, sandblasted textured shell

Head on over to the xDuoo MH-02 product page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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