New from Moondrop: Voyager Wireless Neckband Earphones

Come Sail Away

The world of wireless earphones welcomes the Moondrop Voyager, a device that's not just another high-quality Bluetooth earphone. This remarkable product embodies a fusion of traditional HiFi systems with state-of-the-art technology. But what sets the Voyager apart from its competition? Let's delve into the details.

Qualcomm Flagship Bluetooth Mastery

With the QCC5144 chip at its core, featuring an 80MHz CPU core and dual 120MHz DSP, the Voyager ensures compatibility with various Bluetooth audio protocols. This robust platform enables DSP sound quality optimization, paving the way for lossless transmission and unparalleled sound quality.

The Brilliance of CS43131

The CS43131 audio decoding chip is vital for Voyager's dynamic sound quality. This chip bypasses the QCC5144's built-in decoder, relying on digital-to-analog conversion for enhanced performance on portable devices.

LHDC Bluetooth HiFi Audio Transmission

Supporting cutting-edge LHDC HiFi Bluetooth audio transmission protocol, Voyager offers lossless sound quality, taking your audio experience beyond CD level. You'll immerse yourself in music like never before, finding other in-ear monitors here.

aptX Adaptive Transmission

Thanks to support for aptX Adaptive Bluetooth audio transmission protocol, Voyager easily switches between transmission modes, ensuring seamless connectivity, whether gaming or watching movies.

Super-linear Beryllium-plated Dome Diaphragm

A 10mm dynamic driver with a super-linear beryllium-plated dome composite diaphragm provides an otherworldly audio experience. Low distortion, wide-band response, and more - all designed to elevate your listening pleasure.

Product Highlights

  • Revolutionary integrated portable HiFi system
  • Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth master chip OCC5144
  • Outstanding performance of CS43131 for HiFi sound
  • LHDC and aptX Adaptive Bluetooth audio transmission
  • 10mm dynamic driver with beryllium-plated dome composite diaphragm
  • Excellent acoustic performance with low distortion
  • 10 kinds of professional tuning with customizable parametric equalizer
  • Superior beamforming microphone for noise cancellation

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