All-New xDuoo MP-01 Tube Phono Preamp & Headphone Amplifier

Experience Your LPs in a New Light

Reinventing the way you enjoy vinyl records, the xDuoo MP-01 Tube Phono Preamp & Headphone Amplifier is a distinctive component of any audio setup. It's not just an amplifier; it's a bridge between your vinyl records and your headphones, promising warm and dynamic sound through double tube amplification, adjustable bass and treble, and compatibility with an array of audio devices.

Making Sense of Signals

The delicate charm of LP records can sometimes get lost due to the typically low output level of turntables. The MP-01's primary function is to overcome this challenge by amplifying the signal significantly, ensuring the power amplifier receives your music in its most authentic form.

Compensation Frequency - An Audio Lifeguard

During the LP production process, attenuation of low and high frequencies can occur. To balance out this discrepancy, the MP-01 features a compensation frequency. This subtle touch helps maintain a smooth, balanced sound, keeping your records vibrant, no matter their age.

Tube Phono Amplifier - The Warm Sound Conductor

Harnessing the power of two 6N3 tubes for front-stage amplification, the MP-01 delivers a sound that is soft and delicate. This amplifier allows you to explore different sound styles by switching the tubes with compatible models like the 6H3N or JAN-5670W.

Bass and Treble Compensation - Dial-in your Sound

With independent bass and treble adjusting knobs, the MP-01 empowers you to recapture any high or low frequencies lost from the recording head. This provides a complete listening experience tailored to your taste.

Unleashing Vinyl Sound through Headphones

Turntable and headphones? Yes, you read it right. The MP-01 Tube Phono Preamp comes with a headphone output, offering a private vinyl listening session with your favorite pair of headphones.

Compatibility - An Audio Chameleon

The MP-01 is not limited to a PHONO input. It also includes an AUX input, making it compatible with MM/MC phonographs, computers, mobile phones, CD players, TVs, DAC decoders, MP3 players, and more. It's a device designed to meet the diverse needs of today's music enthusiasts.

Quality Capacitances - Guaranteeing Smooth Sound

Featuring Japanese Rubycon and ELNA capacitances for the main filter and coupling capacitance, the MP-01 ensures a smooth, warm sound, and splendid high frequencies, making every listening session an enjoyable experience.

Durable Construction - A Sound Investment

Housed in a high-end, solid aluminum alloy case with a sandblasted texture panel, the xDuoo MP-01 not only looks stylish but also effectively resists external interference.

Product Highlights

  • Double tube amplification
  • Adjustable bass and treble compensation
  • Compatibility with various audio devices
  • Headphone output
  • Quality Rubycon and ELNA capacitances
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction

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